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Life is good! August 1, 2010

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Life is good.  I’ve got a roof over my head, basically all I need, able to have fun with friends and loved ones, who could ask for more?  Its been one fantastic weekend. Saturday – Lunch with my girls followed by Painting Pottery at On the Pot which = hours of fun.  Sunday – Amazing church service! Totally moving and emotional.  I felt so connected today!  Then lunch at Jimmy Johns on the Patio with some friends.  Relaxing this evening at home just getting a few things around the house. Feeling very blessed today.  I’m so grateful for the life the Lord has provided for me.  If only I’d live it for him.


Failure? July 27, 2010

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So I was doing this thing I called my Happy Track and posting each day something that made me happy that day.  The point was to do it for a year so I’d learn to really appreciate things of each day and realize how blessed and happy my life is.  Yes I planned on doing it every day for a year.  I failed……. I made it 118 days… in some ways….success…in others… failure.  I’m going to walk away with saying it was a positive thing.  I did learn to look at each day and count my blessings for that day.  I was upset at not completing the task at first but I did make it 118 days and well I’ve learned to see the positive.  I’ll still blog, and hopefully happy things, but just not the “happy track” that it has been.  Here’s me admitting defeat.  YAY!


Root Beer June 18, 2010

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Happy Track Day #118: (June 18) So I’ve got an evening remote tonight and decided to stay in town.  Grab some lunch, run a few shopping trips, and then kill time at work until the remote.  I grabbed some Long John Silver’s for lunch today and while the employees were……um…..interesting…. the root beer is FANTASTIC! lol I forgot how much I really do love root beer! YAY for root beer!


Ultrasound Bone Healing System

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Happy Track Day #117: (June 17) Got my new machine today.  Its an Ultrasound Bone Healing System.  Yeah.. ok.. lol. Its supposed to use ultrasound to stimulate bone growth. It has an 86% success rate.  I met with Scott (the guy from the machine’s company) today to learn how to use it.  He had nothing but GOOD things to say about how he felt this product was going to work in my case.  He may have been blowing smoke but it felt very genuine.  He said he’s seen non-union’s similar to mine (somewhat) and sees no reason why it wouldn’t work.  He turned to me after telling me everything and said “Consider today your first day to recovery!” “Your first day of healing”.   It was very inspirational!  Anyway I now have the machine and a load of positive thoughts about it.  I put it on once a day for 20 min each time for 2 months to start with.  HERE GOES NOTHING……


Insurance Coverage

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Happy Track Day #116: (June 16) So today something really fantastic happened.  Lets back track quickly first… 1.)My doctor told me last week we’ve got one more LAST CHANCE SHOT for my leg.  2.) It was supposed to be “not 100% scientific” and “very expensive”.  Ok now for the history.  Over the past year I’ve paid TONS in medical bills.  Met my deductable and then the 20% 80% payment amount as well.  Once you’ve maxed both of those insurance is responsible for 100% of the payments. 

OK now for the really good part.  I’ve gotten very close to maxing out my payout…. (odd that’s the good part) This Bone Healing System is THOUSANDS of dollars.  They called today to tell me that my insurance approved it and I only owe $4.80.  That 4.80 is all I had left to hit my max pay out.  My insurance is responsible for the THOUSANDS left over!!! The kicker… my insurance starts over July 1st.  Got that in just in time!! 

On another note… since everything is free from here on out.. lets have some fun until July 1st?  I’m game for anything. (kidding).


UPS Delivery? June 17, 2010

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Happy Track Day #115: (June 15) So the UPS truck pulls up at my house today.  I’d done some recent shopping online so figured it was my package just a few days early.  He left the packages at the door rang the bell and basically ran back to the truck.  As I went out and picked up the packages I realized they were not mine.  Not my name at all.  Right address… wrong street!  In my sock feet I go running down the street chasing the big brown Truck.  He saw me kinda wave at him and he just friendly waved back as if to say “you’re welcome.” lol I caught up to the truck as he was walking back to his truck carring packages from another house BACK to his truck.  He looks at me (in the middle of the street hopping puddles, holding packages, in my sock feet) and says…. “I’m on the wrong block!” lol!!! It made my day!


Good Guys

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Happy Track Day #114: (June 14)  No no no I’m not talking about “good” guys.  I’m talking about Fox’s new summer tv series called Good Guys.  I’ve really grown fond of it.  For some reason I love it.  I think it has something to do with that guy that was in Studio 60 and is in Good Guys….can’t think of his name … I just love the show.  Its now my Monday date!