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lesson in living March 27, 2008

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classifieds1.jpgSo my lease is up May 31st/June 1st. I am attempting to find a cheaper, nicer, closer place. I realize its impossible but thought I’d give it a shot. I HATE looking for places to live. I like my apt. now but its a little pricey and I would like to live closer to work and friends. I’m attempting to find a place in Abilene but so far not a whole lot of luck.

I realize what the problem is…. I understand it completely. Just don’t know how to fix it. Most renters know what they have available NOW…. not what they will have June 1st. This is understandable on their part but what hits me is that I have to know by April 30th if I want to renew my lease or not. How do you know if you don’t have somewhere else to go?!?!? Really needing a prayer here….I suppose it’ll all work out.


My “Job” March 25, 2008

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Today has been a great day.  I’m not sure how to describe it but today is one of those days I feel like I have a great job.  I started my day at work today by going out to lunch with 3 of my co-workers for a “meeting”.  After the hilarious (and long) lunch “meeting” we came back to work and sat around talking…. just shooting the breeze. When that ended we stood around talking. That lead to sling shot competitions, standing on chairs looking for rubber-bands, scooting around on chairs, and more sling shot challenges.  Later after about 5 min of work done… I found myself outside playing kickball with fuzzy dice.  About 30min of work after that which was then followed by a 10-15min discussion on Women vs. Men.  SIDENOTE: Women and Men work equally to get ahead (my opinion).  And now I sit here blogging while I’m at work.  Later I’ll probably be on my cell phone, check my email 100 times, watch a few youtube videos, surf the net, talk about whatever I want, and then possibly leave early.  It really all makes me think about something one of my co-workers said “I can’t believe I’m getting paid right now” while he was scooting around standing on a chair.  Honestly its hard to explain most of the things that go at my job…… there are just those days where its crazy to think this is my job.

I can’t believe I get paid for this.


My New Goal…… March 18, 2008

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Ok so I am a big believer in setting goals and at least attempting to achieve them.  Recently it was brought to my attention that I don’t say what I’m really thinking.  That I say things I think others want to hear.  Example : Rob says : What do you think of that new tv show Smoochers (made up)?  I’d naturally be careful about what I say not knowing how Rob feels about Smoochers. ok bad example.  I think there are times to share your opinions, “speak your mind” and times to keep it shut or just agree.  However, I do realize that there are many times that I should or could easily share my opinion and I don’t.  I agree with the presented argument and just let it go.  Well no more! I have decided from this point forward I’m going to try to always speak my mind, say my true thoughts, and what is honestly on my mind (when appropriate of course).  That’s my new goal…. to share my true thoughts more.

I saw a bumper sticker last night that inspired me to live my life a little more daringly….. it said

“Well behaved women rarely make history!”

I take it a little different than most people probably do.  I look at that as if I were to live in my own little world/box of “happiness” keeping my thoughts to myself and never stirring the pot… I’m not changing anything.  Ya know what I mean?


Pi Day March 14, 2008

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Pi Day = March 14

Its lame I know but I thought I’d wish everyone happy Pi Day! 

Also I think it should be celebrated by eating pie!


Kickball March 13, 2008

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For the last 2 months or so I’ve had an overwhelming urge to play kickball.  I’m not sure where it came from.  I have never been kickball fanatic or anything.  Sure I enjoyed the occasional game when I was younger but its been years.  I’ve also come to realize that others don’t care to much about kickball either.  On nice days I’ll go around asking people to play kickball with me.  No takers.  Why must we shun the red rubber ball? In an effort to get people to appreciate kickball here are a few reasons I’ve come up with……     

1. Easy – Kickball is not a difficult game to play.  Not much skill needed.  This is different from many other outdoor games.  Softball/baseball take coordination.  Kickball you’ve got a bigger target that is on the ground rolling towards your foot. Quite simple.

2. Few Supplies Needed – To play kickball all you really need is a ball and some people.  Sure its helpful to have a field or large open area.  It can also be handy to have bases but almost anything can be used for one.  Even going without base markers works as well.

3. Nonviolent – Kickball is one of the most nonviolent sports.   Its great for people who like sports but for some reason are not allowed to play contact sports.  I myself have been forbidden to play contact sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Sand volleyball, etc.  Knee docs don’t want to have to redo a surgery and they get very upset when they hear you are playing something such as sand volleyball after a surgery.  I believe kickball is a great alternative.   

In conclusion (because this became really long and drawn out… bad) Kickball is quite simple, easy to play, you need just a few supplies, its nonviolent, and bonus you can have an unlimited number of people play! Come on people lets go kick that ball!


How sad……

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I was just finishing up a short blog about kickball when my computer did something funny. Probably user error but still!! All the sudden the whole blog… VANISHED. All those thoughts about kickball GONE. I guess the kickball blog will have to wait until another day. Maybe that’s a sign to go to bed. It is 3:45am….Fooy!


Hula-Hoop Crossing March 10, 2008

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Everyday on my way to work I pass one of these signs.  It took me a while but I eventually noticed it wasn’t like most signs.  This was a hula-hoop sign.  Is it for Hula-hoopers? Do they need their own crossing signs?  And why would Hula-hoopers cross the street? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been Hula-hooping and couldn’t cross a street….if ONLY I had sign!   So I’ve done a little research (ok not much) trying to figure out what the sign REALLY means.  Some sites say it has to do with a band, String Cheese Incident, symbol.  Others say the band threw out hula-hoops at their concerts in the ’90s.  Still others say its just a regular sign with transparency hula-hoop sticker.  The String Cheese Incident (SCI) online store sells hula-hoop crossing stickers.  Is this where it all came from?  Are those legit sources??  Who knows.  Is hula-hooping what its all about?  I honestly thought that was the hokey-pokey.   Maybe I’ll have to investigate one of the actual signs I’ve seen.  I noticed 3 in Manhattan so far and am now on the lookout not only for the signs but the hula-hoopers themselves!