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Ham & Cheese March 4, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 8:04 pm

Ahh The Ham & Cheese!
Here’s the deal yo. This is a battle that I will NEVER win. But I at least have to explain my side right? I’m sure everyone at some point in time has enjoyed the tasty goodness of the Ham & Cheese sandwich. About twice a month I’ll venture out to the sandwich shop and get a good old fashion Ham & Cheese sub sandwich and I usually throw in the chips & drink. I realize that the Ham & Cheese is not a “beefy” sandwich, but its what I like. Do I get the fixins? Nope… just mayo. The meal costs just over $6. Sure one could make the sandwich at home for next to nothing but that’s not the point. It just tastes different. And I don’t have to do “the work” of putting it all together. I’m not saying its difficult to put ham, cheese, and mayo on bread. Its just part of the dinning out experience. Is it worth it… to me….. ya. To others… maybe not. Some find it extremely expensive for something you could make yourself. To that I say, could you not make a hamburger at home? Why do so many people enjoy the Big Mac etc. It tastes different and YOU don’t have to do anything to make it. A meal at McDonald’s can easily be around $6…. so what’s the big deal? I’m getting something I like for a price I’m willing to pay ONCE and A WHILE.


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