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Kickball March 13, 2008

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For the last 2 months or so I’ve had an overwhelming urge to play kickball.  I’m not sure where it came from.  I have never been kickball fanatic or anything.  Sure I enjoyed the occasional game when I was younger but its been years.  I’ve also come to realize that others don’t care to much about kickball either.  On nice days I’ll go around asking people to play kickball with me.  No takers.  Why must we shun the red rubber ball? In an effort to get people to appreciate kickball here are a few reasons I’ve come up with……     

1. Easy – Kickball is not a difficult game to play.  Not much skill needed.  This is different from many other outdoor games.  Softball/baseball take coordination.  Kickball you’ve got a bigger target that is on the ground rolling towards your foot. Quite simple.

2. Few Supplies Needed – To play kickball all you really need is a ball and some people.  Sure its helpful to have a field or large open area.  It can also be handy to have bases but almost anything can be used for one.  Even going without base markers works as well.

3. Nonviolent – Kickball is one of the most nonviolent sports.   Its great for people who like sports but for some reason are not allowed to play contact sports.  I myself have been forbidden to play contact sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Sand volleyball, etc.  Knee docs don’t want to have to redo a surgery and they get very upset when they hear you are playing something such as sand volleyball after a surgery.  I believe kickball is a great alternative.   

In conclusion (because this became really long and drawn out… bad) Kickball is quite simple, easy to play, you need just a few supplies, its nonviolent, and bonus you can have an unlimited number of people play! Come on people lets go kick that ball!


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