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My “Job” March 25, 2008

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Today has been a great day.  I’m not sure how to describe it but today is one of those days I feel like I have a great job.  I started my day at work today by going out to lunch with 3 of my co-workers for a “meeting”.  After the hilarious (and long) lunch “meeting” we came back to work and sat around talking…. just shooting the breeze. When that ended we stood around talking. That lead to sling shot competitions, standing on chairs looking for rubber-bands, scooting around on chairs, and more sling shot challenges.  Later after about 5 min of work done… I found myself outside playing kickball with fuzzy dice.  About 30min of work after that which was then followed by a 10-15min discussion on Women vs. Men.  SIDENOTE: Women and Men work equally to get ahead (my opinion).  And now I sit here blogging while I’m at work.  Later I’ll probably be on my cell phone, check my email 100 times, watch a few youtube videos, surf the net, talk about whatever I want, and then possibly leave early.  It really all makes me think about something one of my co-workers said “I can’t believe I’m getting paid right now” while he was scooting around standing on a chair.  Honestly its hard to explain most of the things that go at my job…… there are just those days where its crazy to think this is my job.

I can’t believe I get paid for this.


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