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Tibby is alive again! April 28, 2008

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I got up this morning around 8am and called the car place.  They said they would try to get to it late in the morning.  They called around 10 saying they found out the problems (Battery and Body Control Module BCM) and asked if I wanted them to fix it.  DUH! They called around 1:45 saying it was done!!! YAY!!!!! The Shuttle van from the body shop picked me up.  I get there… pay for my car… they  give me a complimentary key chain (gee- thanks) and I’m on my way right… wrong.  The mechanic walks me to the car opens the door waits for me to get in, shuts it…. it doesn’t start.  I get out chance him down and say it wont start.  He comes out to the car and after trying to start it himself realizes whoever parked it ‘parked it’ with the gear in DRIVE! He was like Oh you have to put it in Park to start it… I’m sorry my bad I just assumed it was in park when its PARKED!!! anyway it started… it works…. my blinkers sound different and are louder and I’ll have to set my settings back.  Also I drive to work and then look under the hood… it looks as though they haven’t put it back together quite right… UGH! I hate cars!!! But hey at least I got a complimentary key chain!!!


The day Tibby died…. April 27, 2008

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So the last week or so has been pretty crappy.  Even Saturday stunk but I thought surly everything will be great on Sunday!  I got up this morning ( a little late) went to church (not looking very  great because 1. I got up late and 2. I don’t know anyone there so I don’t care what they think especially since I’m moving) Anyway I go to church and am totally rejuvenated.  Ready to take on the world! UNTIL…. I get in my car and IT WONT START!  The dash lights came on and it would click but that’s it.  Kicked off my energy high and now starting into panic mode I had to find someone to help me jump it.  Luckily the person parked next to me soon showed up and was willing to help.  We jumped the car and I decided I should drive it for a while to recharge the batter.

I drove to Abilene and had lunch with a friend.  Then the car wouldn’t even unclock with the key faub.  Its dead again after driving it for almost an hour.  We jump it… it starts and dies immediatly.  We jump it again.  It works.  I’ve never used my jumpercables so much! I take off for Manhattan thinking “I’ll take it in tomorrow morning even if one of my neighbors has to jump it.”  While driving back to Manhattan I turned left and my blinker stayed on.  Not blinking just a green arrow pointing left on my dash (who knows if it was on outside the car or not).  Then the right turn I made the blinker noise would speed up and slow down at random intervals.  OK somethings wrong.  So I took it to the shop and dropped off the keys in the drop box.  Had my cousin take me back to my place and will await tomorrow morning to talk to the Car people.

As for now… TIBBY is dead.


Politics in Public April 23, 2008

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So I took my car in to get some work done on it today.  While sitting in the waiting room I experienced something very strange.  Like most auto shops there was a television in the waiting room, this one was on Fox news.  People came and went until there were about 8 people still there.  We’re all sitting around watching the news and aside from the gasps about the Florida women with an alligator in her kitchen the room was fairly quite.


Fox news cut to George W. Bush giving a speech in honor of a heart doctor.  Like normal he mispronounced a word in the speech and one of the ladies in the waiting room giggled.  Many of us smiled at her agreeing that it was funny.  Some other ladies began laughing a little and commenting on how Bush should just stay away from the bigger words.  Mind you they said NOTHING about him being the president they simply commented on the speeches he has given and how “He has to have at least 1 word incorrect in each speech.” It was all in a joking manner too.  (this is where it gets interesting)  This 50something man starts getting agitated and argumentative.  He finally stood up and said “Look you can joke about him all you want but I think he’s one of the best damn Presidents we’ve had and he’s doing a great job despite the ridicule.  I’m so sick and tired of all the damn yellow-belly Democrats.” Needless to say the room fell silent.  We looked around at each other wondering how far this guy was going to go.  Was he going to take us all out??  Why was he so upset? No one said anything about him being a bad president or anything about Dem./Repub. or otherwise.  I honestly got frightened by this guy, I wasn’t sure how upset he really was and what he planned to do.


Seconds LITERALLY seconds after he said all this and sat back down in a huff the mechanic walked through the door and told him that his car was done.  He walked out with the mechanic and as soon as the door shut behind him the entire room busted up! It was HILARIOUS!!!!  Oddly enough it got us all talking… none of us have strong feelings about the president current/past/ or future.  Slowly one-by-one people were taken to their cars.  It was down to me and 1 other woman who still remained and chatted.  When I got called to leave she asked to swap email address with me.  What a strange experience.


Expelled? April 21, 2008

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So my parents sent me an email last week talking about this movie. If you haven’t heard its a documentary by Ben Stein called Expelled. Its difficult to explain really. Sunday I decided to go see it just to see what all the fuss was about.

First I’ve gotta say NO ONE goes to the movies on Sunday afternoons. How the Theater can find it cost effective to be open is beyond me. After the movie finally started (15 min late) I was slightly excited to see what it was all about. Once the 5 million previews were over I looked around to see the 12 people who decided to attend this Sunday afternoon movie.

Ok to the point… The movie was not so much about what theory is correct like I had originally thought. It wasn’t about Darwinism, Creationism, or Intelligent Design (although it does go into some deep detail and investigation of all three and very deep into ID.) It was more about just informing people of the silencing that is taking place in our country. Really its just saying ” Hey look…. people want to ask questions from all sides….shouldn’t that be ok?” Comparing this issue with the Berlin Wall was a little far fetched if you ask me, but did make a valid point. If you can get past Ben Stein and don’t get hung up on the different theories, the documentary is fairly good. It honestly made me think… IF people are REALLY being silenced on this issue, what other issues are being silenced? If we restrict questions, where will it stop? Are we not free to think, act, question? I kinda think this was the entire point from Ben. I think he really just wanted people to be like huh? do we really have freedom at all? I dunno if it was necessarily a GOOD movie or even worth seeing but if what I’ve just said was in fact the point… I suppose Ben’s right and has accomplished his task with me at least.

If you haven ‘t see a trailer or anything ………. you can catch it here.


Update on Bridal Shower and Living Situation April 14, 2008

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Just a quick update for some who don’t know.  The Bridal Shower previously mentioned went well.  It was a lot of fun and a very interesting/educational experience. Don’t worry I’m not going into detail.  As for the living situation.  This morning I found out that I will be able to move into the duplex in Abilene that I wanted.  I’ll be moving at the end of May.  YAY for moving!! It really seems like life is looking up for me lately.  God is amazing and works in wonderful mysterious ways!!!


Bridal Shower…. who me?!? April 11, 2008

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So this Sunday I guess I’m going to a Bridal Shower.  No biggie right?  But if you know me at all you know… I hate weddings and anything to do with them. Sure I can push my wed-hatred aside to support friends but the kicker in this story is that I don’t even know the BRIDE!!! That’s right I’m going to a bridal shower for someone whom I’ve never met!  So you’re probably thinking to yourself… AH she knows the groom…. Not really.  I’ve only met the groom ONCE! I’m going because of the groom’s brother.  Is this strange or what?!? Do I take something?  I can’t just show up empty handed can I?  What does one take to a bridal shower for someone they’ve never met?!? So I’ve got to figure out a gift to take with me to a bridal shower for a bride I’ve never met! Sunday may turn out to be quite interesting…..