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Expelled? April 21, 2008

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So my parents sent me an email last week talking about this movie. If you haven’t heard its a documentary by Ben Stein called Expelled. Its difficult to explain really. Sunday I decided to go see it just to see what all the fuss was about.

First I’ve gotta say NO ONE goes to the movies on Sunday afternoons. How the Theater can find it cost effective to be open is beyond me. After the movie finally started (15 min late) I was slightly excited to see what it was all about. Once the 5 million previews were over I looked around to see the 12 people who decided to attend this Sunday afternoon movie.

Ok to the point… The movie was not so much about what theory is correct like I had originally thought. It wasn’t about Darwinism, Creationism, or Intelligent Design (although it does go into some deep detail and investigation of all three and very deep into ID.) It was more about just informing people of the silencing that is taking place in our country. Really its just saying ” Hey look…. people want to ask questions from all sides….shouldn’t that be ok?” Comparing this issue with the Berlin Wall was a little far fetched if you ask me, but did make a valid point. If you can get past Ben Stein and don’t get hung up on the different theories, the documentary is fairly good. It honestly made me think… IF people are REALLY being silenced on this issue, what other issues are being silenced? If we restrict questions, where will it stop? Are we not free to think, act, question? I kinda think this was the entire point from Ben. I think he really just wanted people to be like huh? do we really have freedom at all? I dunno if it was necessarily a GOOD movie or even worth seeing but if what I’ve just said was in fact the point… I suppose Ben’s right and has accomplished his task with me at least.

If you haven ‘t see a trailer or anything ………. you can catch it here.


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