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Politics in Public April 23, 2008

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So I took my car in to get some work done on it today.  While sitting in the waiting room I experienced something very strange.  Like most auto shops there was a television in the waiting room, this one was on Fox news.  People came and went until there were about 8 people still there.  We’re all sitting around watching the news and aside from the gasps about the Florida women with an alligator in her kitchen the room was fairly quite.


Fox news cut to George W. Bush giving a speech in honor of a heart doctor.  Like normal he mispronounced a word in the speech and one of the ladies in the waiting room giggled.  Many of us smiled at her agreeing that it was funny.  Some other ladies began laughing a little and commenting on how Bush should just stay away from the bigger words.  Mind you they said NOTHING about him being the president they simply commented on the speeches he has given and how “He has to have at least 1 word incorrect in each speech.” It was all in a joking manner too.  (this is where it gets interesting)  This 50something man starts getting agitated and argumentative.  He finally stood up and said “Look you can joke about him all you want but I think he’s one of the best damn Presidents we’ve had and he’s doing a great job despite the ridicule.  I’m so sick and tired of all the damn yellow-belly Democrats.” Needless to say the room fell silent.  We looked around at each other wondering how far this guy was going to go.  Was he going to take us all out??  Why was he so upset? No one said anything about him being a bad president or anything about Dem./Repub. or otherwise.  I honestly got frightened by this guy, I wasn’t sure how upset he really was and what he planned to do.


Seconds LITERALLY seconds after he said all this and sat back down in a huff the mechanic walked through the door and told him that his car was done.  He walked out with the mechanic and as soon as the door shut behind him the entire room busted up! It was HILARIOUS!!!!  Oddly enough it got us all talking… none of us have strong feelings about the president current/past/ or future.  Slowly one-by-one people were taken to their cars.  It was down to me and 1 other woman who still remained and chatted.  When I got called to leave she asked to swap email address with me.  What a strange experience.


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