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The day Tibby died…. April 27, 2008

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So the last week or so has been pretty crappy.  Even Saturday stunk but I thought surly everything will be great on Sunday!  I got up this morning ( a little late) went to church (not looking very  great because 1. I got up late and 2. I don’t know anyone there so I don’t care what they think especially since I’m moving) Anyway I go to church and am totally rejuvenated.  Ready to take on the world! UNTIL…. I get in my car and IT WONT START!  The dash lights came on and it would click but that’s it.  Kicked off my energy high and now starting into panic mode I had to find someone to help me jump it.  Luckily the person parked next to me soon showed up and was willing to help.  We jumped the car and I decided I should drive it for a while to recharge the batter.

I drove to Abilene and had lunch with a friend.  Then the car wouldn’t even unclock with the key faub.  Its dead again after driving it for almost an hour.  We jump it… it starts and dies immediatly.  We jump it again.  It works.  I’ve never used my jumpercables so much! I take off for Manhattan thinking “I’ll take it in tomorrow morning even if one of my neighbors has to jump it.”  While driving back to Manhattan I turned left and my blinker stayed on.  Not blinking just a green arrow pointing left on my dash (who knows if it was on outside the car or not).  Then the right turn I made the blinker noise would speed up and slow down at random intervals.  OK somethings wrong.  So I took it to the shop and dropped off the keys in the drop box.  Had my cousin take me back to my place and will await tomorrow morning to talk to the Car people.

As for now… TIBBY is dead.


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