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Tibby is alive again! April 28, 2008

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I got up this morning around 8am and called the car place.  They said they would try to get to it late in the morning.  They called around 10 saying they found out the problems (Battery and Body Control Module BCM) and asked if I wanted them to fix it.  DUH! They called around 1:45 saying it was done!!! YAY!!!!! The Shuttle van from the body shop picked me up.  I get there… pay for my car… they  give me a complimentary key chain (gee- thanks) and I’m on my way right… wrong.  The mechanic walks me to the car opens the door waits for me to get in, shuts it…. it doesn’t start.  I get out chance him down and say it wont start.  He comes out to the car and after trying to start it himself realizes whoever parked it ‘parked it’ with the gear in DRIVE! He was like Oh you have to put it in Park to start it… I’m sorry my bad I just assumed it was in park when its PARKED!!! anyway it started… it works…. my blinkers sound different and are louder and I’ll have to set my settings back.  Also I drive to work and then look under the hood… it looks as though they haven’t put it back together quite right… UGH! I hate cars!!! But hey at least I got a complimentary key chain!!!


One Response to “Tibby is alive again!”

  1. Matt Says:


    Your car’s name is Tibby?

    Rodney will love this!

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