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“The roller coaster weekend” June 30, 2008

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Its been said for years that life is like a roller coaster of emotions. This weekend proves that to be very true!

Friday got woken up by a text at 8:30am for taco tico.  Went to work around 10am got things ready and headed out to country stampede.  It was hot, muddy, and full of indecent exposure.  But I had a good time hanging out with our Sales intern Ashely.  Got back to work around 5:30 to do production and then my show.  All in all not a bad day.  Had a killer show.  No really, one of the best in a while.  It was spiked by an early phone call saying I was doing a great job.  I guess the confidence boost helped.

Saturday I hung around my house did a little cleaning. Washed my car, aired up the tires, got groceries, shopped at the ever so famous Alco, and then baked TONS! I was in a great mood just enjoy the day!! I baked a coffee cake, burrito bites, creamy Crockpot corn, and Special K cookies. Had a great day!

Sunday I got up early and drove to Salina for church. Met some new people in Sunday school and then went to lunch with an awesome friend. Later I get a call from another friend saying she’s got big news. I go hang out with her for awhile to find out that she got a job!!!! THATS AWESOME NEWS!!!!! Totally excited for her!! And then the bad news…. she’s moving. That’s horrible news. ok so not for her but for me! PLUS one of my other friends is moving with her. Now 2 friends are moving away! And just like that my weekend is crushed. Later I get a phone call that put the biggest of biggest smiles on my face. I excuse myself from my friends and head out talking on the phone. About an hour later I hang up only to see that same person that makes me very happy. Spent an hour and a half talking in the parking lot (what else is new) and just like that I’m back up to happy-go-lucky.

I feel like the weekend was full of ups and downs…. it was my roller coaster weekend.


Do items in a room set the mood? June 26, 2008

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At work today I was told we have to clean up the studio.  APPARENTLY it looks “unprofessional” and a camera crew from MSNBC (I think… I can’t really remember) will be coming in on Monday morning to film one of our interns for God knows why.  So I spent a good portion of the afternoon taking down and hiding all of the “cool” and “fun” stuff we have.  I bargained to save it so that we can put it back out later. It really got me thinking though…..

Do items in a room really set the mood?

Now that its all clean in here and “professional looking” it feels strange.  Nothing sets it apart from the other studios anymore.  I argued that the silly items we had in the studio like the Captain Morgan lamp, the slinky, the ech-a-sketch, the corona Christmas lights, etc… gave it a certain atmosphere. It sort of makes it feel homey and sets the “mood” if you will.  Sure no one believes me but it does.  Right now with all that stuff gone it just feels empty and dull.


Insight or in sight? June 25, 2008

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So I had a little insight into my own head this morning. I started reading this book on a whim not thinking I’d get anything from it but it’d give me something to read. I opened the book for the first time while sitting in the laundry mat this morning. As I was reading I became more and more interested.

It’s call “Pitch Like A Girl” how a woman can be herself and still succeed. I checked it out from the library because they didn’t have the book I really wanted “Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History”. Anyway the book is not what I thought it would be. I’m not very far into it but so far I am inspired and I came across something that triggered something in my head and explained a few things. This is when I need a book club!

Lichtenberg is explaining why women tend to hold back when it comes to boasting or even having any self confidence. TADA!! here is one of my main flaws… SELF CONFIDENCE! She writes “Self-promotion feels like a guy thing. Women have been taught from birth about modesty, nurturing, and putting needs of others first.” She goes on to say “We believe that if we work hard and are good at what we do we should be recognized and rewarded without having to beat our own drum, toot our own horn, or play any other instrument in a self-promotional band.” now I know what you’re thinking… the first few min. of reading this book I felt like she was telling women to “sell themselves” but its not quite to that extreme. I think its mainly about having enough confidence in yourself to achieve what you want. I’ve struggled with my lack of self-esteem and self-confidence for years and feel like its one of my biggest obstacles. Maybe I really should read this book, maybe it’ll help me gain the confidence that I lack. Or at least give me some additional insight on why I struggle with this. Will this book contain “insight” into my brain or will it bring my flaws/problems “in sight”?


Classic Cable Company June 18, 2008

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We all have heard the story, it happens time and time again.  Well it happend to me today.  I broke down and decided to pay for cable tv.  The VERY basic package.  They said “we’ll be out Wednesday afternoon between 1 and 5pm.”  After asking if they could come in the morning hours of any day and them telling me “No, the cable guys don’t go out on Mornings.”  I gave in and took the afternoon off work……

So i’m sleeping this morning and I hear something at the back of my house.  Like someone working on the house or something.  Mind you its about 9:30/10.  I’m totally out of it and can’t see a thing but realize it could be the cable guy.  I rush around to tidy up the place and throw some appropriate clothes on.  NOTHING.  I sit around my house ALLLLLLL day…. nothing.  Finally around 4:45 I call the company and ask why they havn’t come. The ignorant girl on the phone put me on hold for 5min came back and said they were at my house this morning.  I said why was I not told?  Why did they not come in?  Why was I told they don’t do mornings and I had to be there from 1pm-5 if no one was going to come in?!?  She said they knocked…if you can count messing with the house which made a noise at the back wall of my house (where there is no door.) than I guess they knocked.   Anyway… I gave her crap and then she put me on hold again for about 10min came back and said someone will be out in 5 min.  A guy came out, and took like 2 min to plug my tv in.  I could have done that myself! Long story short…. Cable company being a typical Cable company and waisting a customers day!


Have your emergency now and SAVE!!! June 17, 2008

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I didn’t know Hospitals gave discounts! BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR…. get in and get your stitches today for 1/2 price! IV fluid bags are 30% off today!! ok ok to the point.

None of that was true but I did save a ton today on my hospital bill which baffled me. Yeah I know they fight about the price… Hospital says $900 Insurance says $300… bill = $300 WOW if everything worked like that! So I got those statements and then got the bill from the hospital for what the insurance didn’t cover… you know the part I have to pay. On the bill it said “Payment must be received within 30 days. If payment is received in full within 20 days you may deduct 20% from your bill before paying.” WHAT?!?!?!??! I went in and talked to them and to pay the bill. Because I paid within the first 20 days I saved myself $192.17 that’s almost $200!

That’s totally awesome! Not to mention the insurance company acts like you paid the amount they said it should be so that’s deducted from my deductible! WOW thank you GCH!!!


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly….news… June 16, 2008

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This is the news in my life…. I like to call it the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

+Had a pretty good weekend.  Went to a wedding with a good friend of mine on Saturday.  Really glad I went.   Sunday  drove to Council Grove to see my Grandpa, my Grandpa’s Girlfriend, my mom & Dad, and my aunt & Uncle.  We had lunch and then just did what old people call “visited”.  It was a good time.

+ I’ll finally get more than 1/2 a TV channel.  Signed up for cable tv today.  They’ll be at my house in a few days.

+ Talked to the Doctor’s nurse today.. My hemoglobin level is 12.5 (where it should be!!!!) Keeping my blood, YAY!!! Prayers have worked!

The Bad

– Freaked out about the weather twice this weekend.  Sunday when I was getting ready to leave Council Grove and there was some bad weather up north.  And Last night around 3am my weather radio went off for a Severe T-storm watch and freaked me out majorly.

– Cable will be the death of me.  I know I’ll watch a lot more tv than ness. and I’ll be paying for TV for the first time in my entire life and I don’t like that at all.

– Have all but given up on the time slot change at work.  Found out last week they we’ve been advertising the open position which I asked for.  when confronted about it my boss said they hadn’t made any decisions yet.  I argued/discussed it with him for a while.  Later I mustered up some more guts and went to our GM and talked to him about it.  I was told by both that I’m still “in the running for it” ya ok.  I’m doubting it.

The Ugly

<> Still don’t know what caused my internal bleeding.

<> Bills are starting to come in from the 4 days I was in the hospital. Goody.

<> More severe weather predicted for this week.

All in all though… I’m doing all right.  I’ve got God on my side to get me through everything.  The plan is to just let this week fly by.


I HATE Severe Weather! June 12, 2008

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I know I’ve mentioned this before… but I HATE SEVERE WEATHER! Most of you know I’m terrified if its a light to heavy rain. And you know I freak out when its storms. I hate severe weather! The last 2 nights we’ve had storms in the area. I hate severe weather! Tuesday wasn’t too bad… Wednesday I started severe weather coverage around 7:30 I hate severe weather! and then we went full coverage around 10 until about 12 maybe a little later. I hate severe weather! I ended up staying here until a little before 1AM. I hate severe weather! So far tonight…. already had to announce a few warnings in our listening area and it looks like the storms will be continuous until 3AM!!! Dewy has been up for over 30 hours and will probably have to be here tonight again. I can’t stress enough how much I HATE Severe Weather. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING good comes of it. It causes, panic, loss of sleep, injuries, and destruction! I HATE SEVERE WEATHER!