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April Showers bring May flowers… what do June showers bring? June 2, 2008

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– I hate storms and how they control me!

– Yesterday was a good old friend’s birthday. Felt horrible not calling to wish him a happy birthday. But its for the better…… right?!

– I am attempting to get a small schedule change at work. Who knows.

– Family vacation starts Thursday morning at 5 a.m. Mom, Dad, and I get up (in Abilene) and drive to Denver to pick up Angela and Matt from the airport. The 5 of us drive to Grand lake… give Gma and Gpa a heart attack because they don’t know we’re coming… spend the night in GL. Friday, get up and the 7 of us drive to Colorado Springs. Spend time there. Saturday we’re taking the train up Pike’s Peak (for the 2,000 time.) Later Sat we’re going to some chuckwagon dinner thingy…. with uncle (mom’s uncle) LaVern. Sunday 7 of us go back to Grand Lake spend the night. Monday 5 of us drive to Denver drop of Angela and Matt, the 3 of us drive on back to Abilene. OMG!

– I’m excited to see my sister and bro-in-law soon!!!!!!!

– Fixed my refrigerator and smoke detector this weekend…. who needs a man?!?

– Still waiting on results from the capsule endoscopy (5,000 pictures of your insides EEEWWWW!) but praying they either figure out what it was and its better or that its just better!

– Lots of great things have been happening to me and others in my life lately …. all I can really say is God is good!


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