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I HATE Severe Weather! June 12, 2008

Filed under: Random,work — joopen @ 6:12 pm

I know I’ve mentioned this before… but I HATE SEVERE WEATHER! Most of you know I’m terrified if its a light to heavy rain. And you know I freak out when its storms. I hate severe weather! The last 2 nights we’ve had storms in the area. I hate severe weather! Tuesday wasn’t too bad… Wednesday I started severe weather coverage around 7:30 I hate severe weather! and then we went full coverage around 10 until about 12 maybe a little later. I hate severe weather! I ended up staying here until a little before 1AM. I hate severe weather! So far tonight…. already had to announce a few warnings in our listening area and it looks like the storms will be continuous until 3AM!!! Dewy has been up for over 30 hours and will probably have to be here tonight again. I can’t stress enough how much I HATE Severe Weather. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING good comes of it. It causes, panic, loss of sleep, injuries, and destruction! I HATE SEVERE WEATHER!


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