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Classic Cable Company June 18, 2008

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We all have heard the story, it happens time and time again.  Well it happend to me today.  I broke down and decided to pay for cable tv.  The VERY basic package.  They said “we’ll be out Wednesday afternoon between 1 and 5pm.”  After asking if they could come in the morning hours of any day and them telling me “No, the cable guys don’t go out on Mornings.”  I gave in and took the afternoon off work……

So i’m sleeping this morning and I hear something at the back of my house.  Like someone working on the house or something.  Mind you its about 9:30/10.  I’m totally out of it and can’t see a thing but realize it could be the cable guy.  I rush around to tidy up the place and throw some appropriate clothes on.  NOTHING.  I sit around my house ALLLLLLL day…. nothing.  Finally around 4:45 I call the company and ask why they havn’t come. The ignorant girl on the phone put me on hold for 5min came back and said they were at my house this morning.  I said why was I not told?  Why did they not come in?  Why was I told they don’t do mornings and I had to be there from 1pm-5 if no one was going to come in?!?  She said they knocked…if you can count messing with the house which made a noise at the back wall of my house (where there is no door.) than I guess they knocked.   Anyway… I gave her crap and then she put me on hold again for about 10min came back and said someone will be out in 5 min.  A guy came out, and took like 2 min to plug my tv in.  I could have done that myself! Long story short…. Cable company being a typical Cable company and waisting a customers day!


One Response to “Classic Cable Company”

  1. Matt Says:

    Welp. At least it’s all done and in the past now.

    Now you can sit around your house from 10am – 5pm with cable and STILL have nothing to watch!

    I’d still say ditch the cable and invest your time in Guild Wars. But I know when I’m beat.

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