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Do items in a room set the mood? June 26, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 3:24 pm

At work today I was told we have to clean up the studio.  APPARENTLY it looks “unprofessional” and a camera crew from MSNBC (I think… I can’t really remember) will be coming in on Monday morning to film one of our interns for God knows why.  So I spent a good portion of the afternoon taking down and hiding all of the “cool” and “fun” stuff we have.  I bargained to save it so that we can put it back out later. It really got me thinking though…..

Do items in a room really set the mood?

Now that its all clean in here and “professional looking” it feels strange.  Nothing sets it apart from the other studios anymore.  I argued that the silly items we had in the studio like the Captain Morgan lamp, the slinky, the ech-a-sketch, the corona Christmas lights, etc… gave it a certain atmosphere. It sort of makes it feel homey and sets the “mood” if you will.  Sure no one believes me but it does.  Right now with all that stuff gone it just feels empty and dull.


2 Responses to “Do items in a room set the mood?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Aww. That’s sad. I kinda see the point if a television news crew is coming in…sorta. I don’t think the Captan Morgan lamp had to go, but some of the…stuff…around there could be misconstrued as “crap” to the uninitiated.

    But once the cameras are out of there, there’s no reason that stuff shouldn’t be put back right where it was. Radio is supposed to be a fun job, relaxed. And what would that be without alcoholic endorsements in the studio!?

  2. joopen Says:

    My thoughts exactly!! We made it fun in here and the way we want it to feel. Right now it doesn’t have any personality and its just cold. (Literally freezing cold! lol) I plan on putting most of it (maybe all of it) back on Tuesday! I’ll show them!

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