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“The roller coaster weekend” June 30, 2008

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Its been said for years that life is like a roller coaster of emotions. This weekend proves that to be very true!

Friday got woken up by a text at 8:30am for taco tico.  Went to work around 10am got things ready and headed out to country stampede.  It was hot, muddy, and full of indecent exposure.  But I had a good time hanging out with our Sales intern Ashely.  Got back to work around 5:30 to do production and then my show.  All in all not a bad day.  Had a killer show.  No really, one of the best in a while.  It was spiked by an early phone call saying I was doing a great job.  I guess the confidence boost helped.

Saturday I hung around my house did a little cleaning. Washed my car, aired up the tires, got groceries, shopped at the ever so famous Alco, and then baked TONS! I was in a great mood just enjoy the day!! I baked a coffee cake, burrito bites, creamy Crockpot corn, and Special K cookies. Had a great day!

Sunday I got up early and drove to Salina for church. Met some new people in Sunday school and then went to lunch with an awesome friend. Later I get a call from another friend saying she’s got big news. I go hang out with her for awhile to find out that she got a job!!!! THATS AWESOME NEWS!!!!! Totally excited for her!! And then the bad news…. she’s moving. That’s horrible news. ok so not for her but for me! PLUS one of my other friends is moving with her. Now 2 friends are moving away! And just like that my weekend is crushed. Later I get a phone call that put the biggest of biggest smiles on my face. I excuse myself from my friends and head out talking on the phone. About an hour later I hang up only to see that same person that makes me very happy. Spent an hour and a half talking in the parking lot (what else is new) and just like that I’m back up to happy-go-lucky.

I feel like the weekend was full of ups and downs…. it was my roller coaster weekend.


One Response to ““The roller coaster weekend””

  1. Matt Says:

    Yup. Less than 5 years for sure.

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