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Pringles Minis and Route 44 Grape Slushie July 31, 2008

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Look at me with daily posts.

Happy again….. DESPITE ALL ODDS! lol

Long day today… lots of work… little time.  Annoying clients with sales people taking over an hour to record 2 spots! General Manager called me “the help” today.  Pictures came in.. trying to add them to the new site.  Having size adjustment issues with one small section of the site!! GRRR I think growling at it should help.

Listened to Pandora today (Thanks Matt) kinda feel bad about it.  I believe this has been mentioned before but I think it could one day eliminate my job.  LOVED it though.  I typed in Project 86 and got some GREAT music. Too bad I can’t listen to it during the show.  Definitively going to be going there daily now.  Bye Bye job!

So I was getting a little frusterated and not so happy with things… I ate a few pringles minis and drank some of my grape slushie (gotta love happy hours at sonic) and made a phone call. THATS RIGHT IIIIIII called this time!  (as the world gasps).  Now I’m refreshed, re-energized and ready to take on the world… or maybe the world wide web.  I’ll start small.


Revelation July 30, 2008

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Hope that’s how you spell it!?  I had a revelation today.  I’m much happier if I listen to music while working.  Today I had tons of work… and lots that was immediate for approval. Very busy day.. but I took it all one thing at a time and listened to music (when I wasn’t recording) and honestly I’m really relaxed and HAPPY right now!

So what do I listen to…. well I’ll tell you what I’m not listening to .. the radio! lol  Na just listening to random stuff. Different stuff ya know.  Angela recommended a few bands and I listened to them for a while today.  “Rogue Wave” and “Death Cab For Cutie”  I’m really enjoying Death Cab for Cutie right now.  Anyway just another happy update.  Hope EVERYONE is having a happy hump-day!


What a glorious rainy day July 29, 2008

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That’s right I said glorious.  These are the days I LOVE!!! I really do love rain.  Hate storms, love rain.

Honestly in a good mood tonight!  Being a dork on my show but you can’t win them all right?!?

My parents were in town today.  They brought Grandpa and his Girlfriend.  Mom got louder pipes put on her Harley…not sure who’s parents they are anymore! It was good to see family.  Too bad not a great day to ride motorcycles lol.  Poor dad. Soaked to the bone. Took his boot off and poured water out. The price you pay for the things you love (the Harleys). My grandpa was really excited to see the station.  He wanted to know all about it.  Mary too. They seem to think its a big deal…. honestly not hard and not a big deal.

Excited because

– Going to try to make it to Bible Study once in a while now that its at a different time. Might be able to make it sometimes.

– Still trying to plan a trip to Texas.  (to visit my sister and bro-in-law.)

– Trash got picked up today! YAY (long story)

– Website launches in a few days!!!

– it’s rained for 2 days which makes me VERY happy!!

Got a curling iron burn on the back of my neck this morning… that’s not so great! lol

Was recently reminded of a great song…. The trouble with love is – Kelly Clarkson.  Favorite line “it doesn’t care how fast you fall”……. btw I think I’m in too deep.


Looking Up July 28, 2008

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I’m in an amazing mood today! I think its the rain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rain but hate storms as you all know. Its been raining on and off so far today and I am loving it.

Work’s looking up…. the new website is finally scheduled to launch next Monday! I’m supposed to have my year review (2 months late) sometime this week…but I’m not crossing my fingers. Things seem a little calmer here today and that makes me happy. The GM even called me ‘sunshine’ today. weird…

Had a great (short) weekend… did another Furniture store remote woot woot! but its money so HOOOORAY! Spent time with a good friend Satruday night just chillin’ at home. Abilene got like 3 inches of rain Saturday in about 25min. My street… TOTALLY flooded. not my yard or house or anything just the street was a river. Sunday I went to church in Salina and out to lunch with 2 great girls that are amazing friends! Did a little shopping, nice to be at a store other than Alco. Came home and made my mom’s birthday present.

This is going to be a good week.. I can feel it!

SIDENOTE: The countdown begins 5days until our intern is gone. Not because she won’t be here anymore but because something is bound to change when she leaves.


Good Days! July 24, 2008

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So lately as most of you know… my good days have been few and far between.  Yesterday surprisingly was a great day!  Had lunch with a great friend and had no complications at work.  Things ran smoothly and calmly (if that’s a word) with no big issues.  I also had 2 count them 2 grape slushies, WHAT A GREAT DAY!

Today seemed as though it was going to be bad… surprisingly was great in the morning … and then dive bombed this afternoon. Came in early today.. PICTURE DAY!  A few of us drove around Manhattan and stopped at a few places to have our pictures taken.  It was actually really fun.  Really HOT but really fun.  This afternoon I about lost it when I had PILES of work on my desk… and piles! And more coming in and everything.. I mean every piece of it had to be done RIGHT NOW.  Do this one right now…. do this one right now… this one needs to be done right away… SOMETHING has to wait! Reload all 3 logs… do this one …. GRRR THEN I finish everything take a deep breath…I tell myself “I’m doing great, I can handle it ” (side note: Angela..”Can we do it?” “YES WE CAN!”)  Go to file it all away and get questioned about a spot that needs to be aproved. IS IT DONE?  “yes” “GOOD BECAUSE THEY CALLED ABOUT IT” “I’ve only had it for 20-30min its 3 spots each a minuet long there’s no possible way to do them any faster.”  I ALMOST lost it! MAN I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!

Maybe tomorrow will be one of those “GOOD DAYS” but its Friday so probably not.  Man what a downer! oh here’s good news… we’re in a Tornado watch until midnight SWEEET!


similar but different July 23, 2008

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Is it “the 7 things I hate about you” or “10 things I hate about you”?

If it’s “once a loser always a loser” why isn’t it ” once a winner always a winner”?

Why “3 strikes and you’re out” but “3rd times a charm”?

Just some things I’ve wondered lately.


more information July 21, 2008

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I hate the fact that I’m doing 3 jobs and getting paid not even an adequate amount for 1 of the 3 I’m doing.  There are too few employees and too much work that is not evenly distributed.  I should be used to this.. its nothing new.  I’m getting told to fix things that I can’t. Sure I can tell you exactly whats wrong but I CANT FIX IT.  Here’s an idea….don’t screw it up to begin with and you won’t need me to fix it! WOW imagine that… people knowing how to do their jobs correctly?! What a parallel universe. on-air lights are magical though!  Oh and I did a furniture store biggie….done it a million times…this time they had no air conditioning.. but it wasn’t horrible.

Who’s excited for the Riley County Fair!?!?!?