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Down Hill looking…up? July 8, 2008

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I feel like all I do lately is complain.  But I feel like mainly that’s what I have to talk about lately have only been crappy things.  I was all set to post about how horrible my day was today.  How crappy life has been for the last few days.  How I wanted to strangle a few people at work today.  And how I may have done something today I’ll regret as well as get yelled at by great friends for it.  It’s like opening a door that was already shut and almost locked.  But tomorrow’s another day right?!? I should be happy and greatful for the crap because it reminds me I’m alive.  And there are good things too.  So I’ll finish today with the old corny phrase… “Don’t worry, Be Happy.”

10 bucks says you’re singing that song now!


3 Responses to “Down Hill looking…up?”

  1. Matt Says:

    “I should be happy and greatful for the crap because it reminds me I’m alive.”

    No offense, Jenn. But that’s phoniest bologna I’ve heard in a while! Agreed, there’s gonna be bad days. But that doesn’t mean that you deserve it, or you should just grin and bare it. Seriously, which do you feel more alive? On a really great day, or a really crappy day?

    You can’t just say. “Life sucks. I guess I’ll get used to it.”

    If you adopt that attitude, trust me; it’ll keep sucking, and you won’t get used to it. Instead ask yourself “Don’t I deserve better than this?”

    If you answer anything other than “Yes.”… keep working on that self esteem.

    Life is what you make it. You can’t let people’s expectations get in the way of being happy. If they truly care about you, won’t they understand? Eventually?

  2. Carrie Says:

    So, funny thing about complaining. I do a lot of it… and I used to feel really bad for it… but I have learned that it is like poison. If you let it build up, it becomes even more toxic. You have to get it out. It is like pressure building that leads to spontaneous combustion… and we all know that spontaneous combustion can cause serious fires!! So, do what it takes to keep them from happening. “Only you can prevent forest fires!”

  3. joopen Says:

    1.) Matt – in that instance you’re right. I shouldn’t just accept the bad times and get used to it. That doesn’t solve anything. and yes… I need to work on the self esteem issues. You put a new spin on this for me to think about. Some great advice. I probably owe you chicken fries now.

    2.) Carrie – It is like poison. But I feel like the more I complain the more and more I feel the need to. I think there’s a limit to the bottling of the complaints, a little is ok, creating forest fires… not so much.

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