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Good Days! July 24, 2008

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So lately as most of you know… my good days have been few and far between.  Yesterday surprisingly was a great day!  Had lunch with a great friend and had no complications at work.  Things ran smoothly and calmly (if that’s a word) with no big issues.  I also had 2 count them 2 grape slushies, WHAT A GREAT DAY!

Today seemed as though it was going to be bad… surprisingly was great in the morning … and then dive bombed this afternoon. Came in early today.. PICTURE DAY!  A few of us drove around Manhattan and stopped at a few places to have our pictures taken.  It was actually really fun.  Really HOT but really fun.  This afternoon I about lost it when I had PILES of work on my desk… and piles! And more coming in and everything.. I mean every piece of it had to be done RIGHT NOW.  Do this one right now…. do this one right now… this one needs to be done right away… SOMETHING has to wait! Reload all 3 logs… do this one …. GRRR THEN I finish everything take a deep breath…I tell myself “I’m doing great, I can handle it ” (side note: Angela..”Can we do it?” “YES WE CAN!”)  Go to file it all away and get questioned about a spot that needs to be aproved. IS IT DONE?  “yes” “GOOD BECAUSE THEY CALLED ABOUT IT” “I’ve only had it for 20-30min its 3 spots each a minuet long there’s no possible way to do them any faster.”  I ALMOST lost it! MAN I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!

Maybe tomorrow will be one of those “GOOD DAYS” but its Friday so probably not.  Man what a downer! oh here’s good news… we’re in a Tornado watch until midnight SWEEET!


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