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Looking Up July 28, 2008

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I’m in an amazing mood today! I think its the rain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rain but hate storms as you all know. Its been raining on and off so far today and I am loving it.

Work’s looking up…. the new website is finally scheduled to launch next Monday! I’m supposed to have my year review (2 months late) sometime this week…but I’m not crossing my fingers. Things seem a little calmer here today and that makes me happy. The GM even called me ‘sunshine’ today. weird…

Had a great (short) weekend… did another Furniture store remote woot woot! but its money so HOOOORAY! Spent time with a good friend Satruday night just chillin’ at home. Abilene got like 3 inches of rain Saturday in about 25min. My street… TOTALLY flooded. not my yard or house or anything just the street was a river. Sunday I went to church in Salina and out to lunch with 2 great girls that are amazing friends! Did a little shopping, nice to be at a store other than Alco. Came home and made my mom’s birthday present.

This is going to be a good week.. I can feel it!

SIDENOTE: The countdown begins 5days until our intern is gone. Not because she won’t be here anymore but because something is bound to change when she leaves.


2 Responses to “Looking Up”

  1. Matt Says:

    Nice to see Jenn in a good mood for a change!

    Little surprise there’s only 5 days until a vacancy and nobody know what’s going to happen! Haha.

  2. joopen Says:

    lol I know I need to be happy more often like I used to be! It was announced today that BJ will VT starting Monday until further notice.

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