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What a glorious rainy day July 29, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 6:49 pm

That’s right I said glorious.  These are the days I LOVE!!! I really do love rain.  Hate storms, love rain.

Honestly in a good mood tonight!  Being a dork on my show but you can’t win them all right?!?

My parents were in town today.  They brought Grandpa and his Girlfriend.  Mom got louder pipes put on her Harley…not sure who’s parents they are anymore! It was good to see family.  Too bad not a great day to ride motorcycles lol.  Poor dad. Soaked to the bone. Took his boot off and poured water out. The price you pay for the things you love (the Harleys). My grandpa was really excited to see the station.  He wanted to know all about it.  Mary too. They seem to think its a big deal…. honestly not hard and not a big deal.

Excited because

– Going to try to make it to Bible Study once in a while now that its at a different time. Might be able to make it sometimes.

– Still trying to plan a trip to Texas.  (to visit my sister and bro-in-law.)

– Trash got picked up today! YAY (long story)

– Website launches in a few days!!!

– it’s rained for 2 days which makes me VERY happy!!

Got a curling iron burn on the back of my neck this morning… that’s not so great! lol

Was recently reminded of a great song…. The trouble with love is – Kelly Clarkson.  Favorite line “it doesn’t care how fast you fall”……. btw I think I’m in too deep.


2 Responses to “What a glorious rainy day”

  1. Carrie Says:

    In too deep… yep… you and me both!

  2. Matt Says:

    Jenn’s in LLOOOOOOVE!

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