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Yeah… August 28, 2008

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Got up real early (for me) and went on over to Salina this morning. Had an eye doc appointment. I did a little shopping and then went by KWU. They are changing so much there! The new student center is almost done, they’ve revamped the grassy area between girls dorm and main campus buildings. The tore out the circle drive and are putting in a “water sculpture” aka fountain (or potential vandalisim item). THEY TOOK OUT THE WELL! Apparently they moved it to the president’s house and made a garden out of it. WHAT THE CRAP?!? That’s KWU history right there. Now its HISTORY.

Stopped by Paul (an amazing professor)’s office and had a chat. Dropped of an air check just to get some advice. He was as usual AMAZINGLY helpful. I was in awe when I left as to how supportive, helpful, and encouraging he was. I headed from there on over to the radio station I used to work for. They were so welcoming and I miss them all so very much! They are remodeling the place it looks really nice. Lots has changed around there… 2 stations gone, 2 remain, they are doing tv ads, Cody got married, they are remodeling the studios, As Cody took me around to show me it all I ran into more an more people and I miss them all! I left an air check for Scotty to listen to and one for Cody. I want their opinions because when I worked there they helped me so much and taught me a lot! I really do miss that company and all of the employees!

However, I’ve gotta wonder can ANYTHING compare to a co-worker who falls for every infomercial? A man who is uspet when he can’t check his email because publisher’s clearinghouse emails him and he could be missing the WINNING email. A guy who wears his name tag everyday all day when he only comes in contact with the same 2 people all the time. The same man who combs his mullet for joy and shouts (louder than normal) in excitement because after over a year he finally has his Drivers License back! Wow.. now that’s hard to beat.


Monday Monday…bah dah bah dahdahdah. August 25, 2008

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So the day started out not so great but some great things happened this afternoon.

Exhibit A

We’re having a company party and we’re going to play KICKBALL!!! I spent part of the afternoon reading up on regulation kickball rules. Pretty exciting! I need to find bases and a ball by next week!

Exhibit B

This man has been mentioned in my posts many a times. Today he is extra excited! His excitement always leads to interesting times. Tonight he’s training a new lady to do his job. It just makes me laugh to see how much he steps it up when he trains people. I always want to take the trainees aside and talk to them to make sure they’ll come back. MA is definitely bringing his A game today!


When the good gets going… August 22, 2008

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Things are going pretty good. Started a new daily/weekly routine that is a totally different lifestyle for me but I’m realizing it makes me really happy. Work’s going well. I know you’re shocked. New employee is getting right into the swing of things which is great! Things have slowed down quite a bit… ok almost to a screeching hault. Its amazing how nicer my days are now! Don’t get me wrong I still do work but a lot less work, a lot less pressure, and LOTS less stress. We also hired a new part time guy so I’ve been training him. We’ll see how he does. I’m doing a remote this weekend (tomorrow 1-4) guess where??!??! The furniture store again. I should really claim them as my employer! And next week is back to school remotes… I’ll be at K-State 9-1 Tuesday. Next week’s a busy week remote wise.

I finally got the guts to remind my GM that I needed to talk to him. So we scheduled a time for next week. now I’ve got to muster up the guts to say what I really want to say and not offend anyone but get answers.

Texas trip is coming up!!!!! 21 day (or something like that)


Monday… August 18, 2008

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Having a hard time being productive this afternoon. Is it Monday or something else that is causing this?

The weekend was fairly productive and fun!  I finally found the airport!!!! And there’s a really cute porch swing off to the side of the runway, I really wanna go swing on it. I’m lame!

Was fairly productive this morning but just can’t get myself going this afternoon.  I was out walking this morning and realized something….. you can’t choose what you think about.  Believe me I tried.  I even took myself out of the norm and ate my breakfast out side today.  Still couldn’t’ control my thoughts.  I guess its just a reminder that we’re really not in control of our lives.  I mean to an extent yeah we are but when it all boils down, you can’t control anything….. I guess that means I can’t control that I’m not productive today… I’ll try that one on the boss see what happens.


Olympic Fever August 15, 2008

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It really bothers me that I’m posting about the Olympics but here we go anyway…

With the Olympics recently beginning and it being EVERYWHERE, I got to thinking about some things. I believe and will prove to you, there are 2 types of Olympic Fever.


First I must explain I call this one “Type A” because it impacts more people than “Type B” I would call it Type 1 but I didn’t want to give it presidence over type b. That being said….. Type A is your basic fever. We’ve seen this happen many times and will forever. Whatever the BIG THING at the moment may be consumes people and is ALL they talk about. Its something you see and hear about everywhere. Its the latest fad or the new cool thing to get involved in. I believe this is a universal fever but I’d classify the Olympics as having type A fever. Don’t get me wrong its not that I don’t watch some of it. I enjoy sports and competitive events. I also have a HUGE respect for the Olympics solely because of its uniting of countries. I watched a pre-recorded version of the Opening Ceremonies and was in awe. Not only because of what China presented but also having all of those athletes and all of those countries in one location and for the same reason, putting their differences aside, no conflicts other than for their sport… it just amazes me and gives me hope for the world. However, I don’t think it justifies the Olympic Fever Type A.

I like to be different, true I like to blend into the crowd often, but I HATE it when people follow others because “everyone is doing it”. I almost don’t want to watch the Olympics just to be unique. TO NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD. I don’t want to have Olympic Fever Type A.


On to the next type.. this being “Type B” not to be confused with or second to “Type A” by any means. Classified as Type B solely because it impacts fewer people.

This at first baffled me but after a short discussion with a co-worker (who sufferes from Type A) I soon came to understand A LITTLE, this being the reason why I gave it a Fever classification at all. Type B impacts only the athletes who partake in the Olympic games. While watching the Men’s Gymnastic All-around competition… I noticed something, they’re making a lot of mistakes! The announcers commented on it as well but not to the extent that I felt necessary.

Think about it… you’re a gymnast… you have, like many others, trained for a good portion of your life for this specific event. You have spent years on the parallel bars. Not to mention months possibly years on this 1 routine on the parallel bars.  You go to compete and you make a mistake on the simple things, or for arguments sake lets say you fall off the parallel bars completely!  Now your shot at any medal is gone. This is the Olympics…what you’ve dreamed of, what you’ve planned for, if not for this… then what? If this is ALL you do… train for gymnastics (or whatever it may be)… how could you make mistakes? Especailly on the little things? Many people defend this by saying “no one is perfect” which is true, yes. HOWEVER, many of these men competing were far from perfect. If this is the 1 thing you’ve worked on for YEARS or even MONTHS how could you not do well at it??

The only justification I can give of this, and why its classified as Type B, is that its a fever. Caught up in the moment, it all comes down to this, 5 billion tons of pressure, a freak-out-mess-up-bigtime fever takes over. I know I couldn’t do it and like mentioned previously, don’t believe anyone is perfect. It just baffled me that the competitors would mess up the little things, or make a huge mistake that a beginner would. All I can say is it must be Olympic Fever Type B.


Oh What A Night… August 13, 2008

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late December….. you know the song.

No, I know I’ve already posted today but this I’ve gotta share. So I’m starting my show at 6:00 like normal when about 6:10 this guy shows up and says he’s supposed to train tonight. WHAT?!? Who are you, who sent you, what’s going on?? I call my boss… no answer. So I go with the flow I train the guy… let him run the board for a while. Teach in a few things. Eventually my boss calls me back a few hours later and says “so you know when you KNOW you forgot to do something….” He forgot to tell me this dude was coming in BIG SURPRISE!

Ok 2nd thing…. so this guy left around 8pm (which works out great because letting someone new run the 8@8 could be a disaster. Anyway so MA (a guy that works here) comes over and starts talking to me about this guy. Then goes into his Myspace rant. OH MY!! like I havn’t heard about MA’s Myspace enough! 50 year old men and their myspace pages….. His philosophy tonight was you should put LOTS of stuff on your myspace page. His is so full of pictures and other crap that it takes 10 mins to load the page. “If you’re only going to put a few things on YOUR space why even do it? It should describe YOU!” That’s a very short version… it honestly lasted about 15min.. OH NO he just shouted “THAT IS COOL!” I’m sure he’ll come over here in a few min and tell me about it….. shoot me!


Hello There

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Hola mi amigos!

I have time to kill and haven’t posted in almost a week so thought I’d post some wonderful extravagant blog but apparently I’ve got nothing!

How about an Update on what I’ve been doing:

– last week was one of the worst weeks EVER. So bad I think it could go on VH1’s Worst Week Ever show. Lots of not so great stuff happened and I need some time to sort through it all and calm down about some of it. I do plan on taking matters into my own hands (in a good way) soon!

– Friday afternoon made the week a little better. Its amazing how one person can help change so much.

– Remote (@the Furniture Store) was canceled AFTER I drove the 21 miles to the station in the monsoon/downpoor. But I’m glad they canceled it.

– Went home (to KC area) Saturday when the rain storms passed. It was my mom’s Birthday so I thought I’d go spend some time with her. Spent the weekend with the folks. Had a good time just chillin at home and shopping. Shoe shopping is always great medicine for a woman’s soul! (WOW didn’t’ mean the joke.. but it works well! lol sole or soul I’d say both.)

– Monday was the “new” DJ’s 1st day. Nothing major happened on Monday for me.

– Tuesday had weekly work meeting… went REALLY well, we got a lot accomplished which NEVER happens.

– So far today woke up later than I really wanted to. Went to lunch with a great friend!! And have had a pretty productive day at work so far. Tomorrow I’ve got a remote 2-5 and then work on Friday. Saturday night I’m having a movie night at my house. We’re watching Abigale Breslin movies so if you wanna join let me know.

Been pretty happy the last few days… not sure if its genuine or not. I found that if I pretend to be really happy, I in turn make myself happy and those around me as well. I suppose that’s something.

there’s my random update…. no important information at all… just a random update.

P.S. YAY for awkward conversations and silences!