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Peace August 6, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 1:55 pm

I know a lot of you read this and don’t comment which is fine.  Just thought I’d post to get the word out.  I’m going through some stuff right now, personally in a lot of areas of my life.  I’m working it out and yeah I’m being an emotional girl about it all.

As of now I don’t want to talk, not really to anyone.  Sorry if I avoid you…. just one of those times in life where you need some solitary confinement to sort stuff out.  Just me and God. Don’t take it personally I just don’t want to talk.

Was out for a walk late last night and this song came to my mind…. Its by Jeremy Pummel (spelling?) He used to sing it at Extreme Impact in college and I saw him at a few small concerts. This is just the chorus.

“You’re here with me, I won’t be afraid, You’re right beside me every single day, cus I need you here, and I need you near, walking beside me every single day, You’re here with me.”


2 Responses to “Peace”

  1. Matt Says:

    Boy, when Jenn ends a happy streak she doesn’t mess around!

    Do whatcha gotta do. I’ll say a prayer for ya.

  2. Carrie Says:

    Um, whenever you are ready…. I have the time to listen to you whine… about nothing and everything… all at once….


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