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Hello There August 13, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 4:20 pm

Hola mi amigos!

I have time to kill and haven’t posted in almost a week so thought I’d post some wonderful extravagant blog but apparently I’ve got nothing!

How about an Update on what I’ve been doing:

– last week was one of the worst weeks EVER. So bad I think it could go on VH1’s Worst Week Ever show. Lots of not so great stuff happened and I need some time to sort through it all and calm down about some of it. I do plan on taking matters into my own hands (in a good way) soon!

– Friday afternoon made the week a little better. Its amazing how one person can help change so much.

– Remote (@the Furniture Store) was canceled AFTER I drove the 21 miles to the station in the monsoon/downpoor. But I’m glad they canceled it.

– Went home (to KC area) Saturday when the rain storms passed. It was my mom’s Birthday so I thought I’d go spend some time with her. Spent the weekend with the folks. Had a good time just chillin at home and shopping. Shoe shopping is always great medicine for a woman’s soul! (WOW didn’t’ mean the joke.. but it works well! lol sole or soul I’d say both.)

– Monday was the “new” DJ’s 1st day. Nothing major happened on Monday for me.

– Tuesday had weekly work meeting… went REALLY well, we got a lot accomplished which NEVER happens.

– So far today woke up later than I really wanted to. Went to lunch with a great friend!! And have had a pretty productive day at work so far. Tomorrow I’ve got a remote 2-5 and then work on Friday. Saturday night I’m having a movie night at my house. We’re watching Abigale Breslin movies so if you wanna join let me know.

Been pretty happy the last few days… not sure if its genuine or not. I found that if I pretend to be really happy, I in turn make myself happy and those around me as well. I suppose that’s something.

there’s my random update…. no important information at all… just a random update.

P.S. YAY for awkward conversations and silences!


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