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Oh What A Night… August 13, 2008

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late December….. you know the song.

No, I know I’ve already posted today but this I’ve gotta share. So I’m starting my show at 6:00 like normal when about 6:10 this guy shows up and says he’s supposed to train tonight. WHAT?!? Who are you, who sent you, what’s going on?? I call my boss… no answer. So I go with the flow I train the guy… let him run the board for a while. Teach in a few things. Eventually my boss calls me back a few hours later and says “so you know when you KNOW you forgot to do something….” He forgot to tell me this dude was coming in BIG SURPRISE!

Ok 2nd thing…. so this guy left around 8pm (which works out great because letting someone new run the 8@8 could be a disaster. Anyway so MA (a guy that works here) comes over and starts talking to me about this guy. Then goes into his Myspace rant. OH MY!! like I havn’t heard about MA’s Myspace enough! 50 year old men and their myspace pages….. His philosophy tonight was you should put LOTS of stuff on your myspace page. His is so full of pictures and other crap that it takes 10 mins to load the page. “If you’re only going to put a few things on YOUR space why even do it? It should describe YOU!” That’s a very short version… it honestly lasted about 15min.. OH NO he just shouted “THAT IS COOL!” I’m sure he’ll come over here in a few min and tell me about it….. shoot me!


2 Responses to “Oh What A Night…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Every time you type “MA” I think you’re talking about me.

    At least you didn’t have to help MA put eye drops in his eyes today….I washed my hands before AND after.

  2. joopen Says:


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