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When the good gets going… August 22, 2008

Filed under: Random,work — joopen @ 4:23 pm

Things are going pretty good. Started a new daily/weekly routine that is a totally different lifestyle for me but I’m realizing it makes me really happy. Work’s going well. I know you’re shocked. New employee is getting right into the swing of things which is great! Things have slowed down quite a bit… ok almost to a screeching hault. Its amazing how nicer my days are now! Don’t get me wrong I still do work but a lot less work, a lot less pressure, and LOTS less stress. We also hired a new part time guy so I’ve been training him. We’ll see how he does. I’m doing a remote this weekend (tomorrow 1-4) guess where??!??! The furniture store again. I should really claim them as my employer! And next week is back to school remotes… I’ll be at K-State 9-1 Tuesday. Next week’s a busy week remote wise.

I finally got the guts to remind my GM that I needed to talk to him. So we scheduled a time for next week. now I’ve got to muster up the guts to say what I really want to say and not offend anyone but get answers.

Texas trip is coming up!!!!! 21 day (or something like that)


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