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Monday Monday…bah dah bah dahdahdah. August 25, 2008

Filed under: work — joopen @ 4:22 pm

So the day started out not so great but some great things happened this afternoon.

Exhibit A

We’re having a company party and we’re going to play KICKBALL!!! I spent part of the afternoon reading up on regulation kickball rules. Pretty exciting! I need to find bases and a ball by next week!

Exhibit B

This man has been mentioned in my posts many a times. Today he is extra excited! His excitement always leads to interesting times. Tonight he’s training a new lady to do his job. It just makes me laugh to see how much he steps it up when he trains people. I always want to take the trainees aside and talk to them to make sure they’ll come back. MA is definitely bringing his A game today!


One Response to “Monday Monday…bah dah bah dahdahdah.”

  1. Matt Says:

    You MUST e-mail me the link to MA’s myspace page. PLEASE!

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