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Yeah… August 28, 2008

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Got up real early (for me) and went on over to Salina this morning. Had an eye doc appointment. I did a little shopping and then went by KWU. They are changing so much there! The new student center is almost done, they’ve revamped the grassy area between girls dorm and main campus buildings. The tore out the circle drive and are putting in a “water sculpture” aka fountain (or potential vandalisim item). THEY TOOK OUT THE WELL! Apparently they moved it to the president’s house and made a garden out of it. WHAT THE CRAP?!? That’s KWU history right there. Now its HISTORY.

Stopped by Paul (an amazing professor)’s office and had a chat. Dropped of an air check just to get some advice. He was as usual AMAZINGLY helpful. I was in awe when I left as to how supportive, helpful, and encouraging he was. I headed from there on over to the radio station I used to work for. They were so welcoming and I miss them all so very much! They are remodeling the place it looks really nice. Lots has changed around there… 2 stations gone, 2 remain, they are doing tv ads, Cody got married, they are remodeling the studios, As Cody took me around to show me it all I ran into more an more people and I miss them all! I left an air check for Scotty to listen to and one for Cody. I want their opinions because when I worked there they helped me so much and taught me a lot! I really do miss that company and all of the employees!

However, I’ve gotta wonder can ANYTHING compare to a co-worker who falls for every infomercial? A man who is uspet when he can’t check his email because publisher’s clearinghouse emails him and he could be missing the WINNING email. A guy who wears his name tag everyday all day when he only comes in contact with the same 2 people all the time. The same man who combs his mullet for joy and shouts (louder than normal) in excitement because after over a year he finally has his Drivers License back! Wow.. now that’s hard to beat.


One Response to “Yeah…”

  1. JennaN Says:

    Wait. Stop. Did you say they took out the WELL. No way. Not possible. I might cry. That’s it, I’m never giving them any money. I’m never going back. I can pretend it didn’t happen right?

    Moving Along (here anyway, going to take my brain longer to move on though) I haven’t said Hi in a long time. Sounds like you’re doing pretty ok. 🙂

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