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A Year Is Long Enough… I’m done. September 2, 2008

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Maybe its me…. maybe I’m just not nice enough, maybe its because I’ve learned to not just roll over and take it, but a few days ago… I’d had enough!

attribute it to the combination of the crap that’s come from the same person for the last year, or the new rules that are dumb but “could maybe hopefully lead to a fix for all our problems” or the fact that it was the end of the week but Friday was the final straw.

No I didn’t quit my job…per say…I did quit part of it though.  The Website.  I don’t get paid a cent to do it anyway and no one appreciates it so why do it??  All that’s nothing new though…Friday brought on something fairly new.  Someone (not naming any names) went in and edited a TON of stuff after he told me he “didn’t ever get a usuername or password” and even if he did…he has “no idea where it is” Another DJ and I both noticed a lot of changes all of the sudden to the site and our personal pages (which HE encourraged us all to edit personally).  LOTS of things had changed.  I looked at the History on our web provider site and it shows who signed in and edited what.  He edited each page about 4 times and my page 8 times.  I was furious!  I tried to calm down before sending the email and told myself it wasn’t a big deal.. this has happened once before…not to this extent but still.

Finally I decided enough is enough….Its a lot of work and stress that no on appreciates, or seems to understand.  Fine by me….no more website.  I sent an email to him and said somethings along the lines of apparently he found his user name and password that he never got and has no problem editing things so he can have the site. I will not touch it again. I’m done.  He hasn’t replied, had a meeting today… didn’t look me in the eyes, but didn’t say anything about it to me either.  Oh well, I’m done.  I’ve worked my butt off on that thing for over a year now, that’s long enough.

I’m tired of not getting appreciated for it, not getting paid for it, getting crap from sales people about the ads, and keeping track of it all.  I’m tired of getting frustrated when it doesn’t work right, tired of no input from others but they sure are quick to point out the tiniest mistake.  I’m tired of getting upset about it….I’m tired and I’m done.


One Response to “A Year Is Long Enough… I’m done.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Way to go, Jenn! I’m happy to see you standing your ground and putting your happiness in your own hands. I know you did put tons of work into that website, but it’s hard to direct all that energy into something, just to have it taken apart bit by bit.

    Now are you so critical of my “whatever” attitude when I was doing music? Huh? HUH!?


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