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relaxed September 3, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 7:40 pm

So i’m feeling really relaxed and am not sure why.

Havn’t heard a word about the website. I guess that’s good news.  I have a lot more free time at work now.  I can actually show prep (a little) and get everything done at a decent time.  I have time to work on some imaging and new ideas for the show.  Its amazing what I can do when I’ve got the time.  I still suck but at least i enjoy it more.

Interesting day today…Went to Salina to have lunch with a friend today, went to work, got lots done quickly… spent some time just talking to co-workers and a little time working on my show.  A sales staff came in drunk…..that was um…well interesting.

Had the company cookout-kickball this evening.  Well it was really cold… and kinda raining.  We kicked the ball a few times but mainly just sat around bsing.  It was a good change from the norm though.  More people showed up than I thought would.  Rodney even brought Paige…. I think he regretted it when M.A. walked over and held her hand… EEWWWW it was great to watch Rodney’s face though!

So far the show’s not horrible tonight.  I think its because I feel so relaxed and calm.  I’m missing some people like CRAZY. Can’t WAIT to go to Texas (8 days!!) and wish I could just move to Salina but I’m content where I’m at.  Going to Salina tomrrow again…not to see who I want to see..just to “see” lol the eye doctor (man I’m lame!)

Welp I’m going to go relax and calmly finish my show!
P.S. Carrie if you’re reading this we should plan a time to get together soon! Do you have this Sunday off??


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