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Crazy things people do September 18, 2008

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So at work today I was trying to make a logo for a compnay (yes apparently that’s my job now, create logos for companies who don’t have one and want to be on our website.) WHATEVER! Anyway its an italian cafe their big on wine. So I was seaching the net to find things to do with win. CRAZY stuff out there. This one made me laugh out loud….

Honestly….why??? Is it really a necessity?

Or how about this one…

Now people have to drink wine at the same time?? WHAT?!? Maybe I’m just crazy…which can be very true. And maybe its because I don’t know a whole lot about wine.. but honestly?? How is this beneficial??
Who would even want to use it?

Later I was looking for something else for the web
and this came up….

While this seems unnecessary as well, it made me laugh and I really enjoy it.

Man and I thought I was nuts! At least I don’t have these things or haven’t invented anything like them! I think I’ll do what K-State (salina) does and call it “Beyond Ordinary!”


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