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Howdy Ho Ranger Joes! September 19, 2008

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What a glorious day it is OUTSIDE! Not to shabby inside either!!

Haven’t done a whole lot today. Actually most of the weeks been fairly slow work wise. A few busy moments but nothing major. Had a politian come in today to record… finished his spot at 25 seconds.. asked if I could make it 30….what the heck??! Sure I’ll work magic! lol I got it to 28.3 and called it good.

Apparently the bar of appropriate work clothing has dropped majorly today. Now I know I don’t wear the best outfits…and should probably be a contestant on the show what not to wear.. BUT this tops most. Today Micheal came into work in a blue and gray sleeveless shirt. VERY sleeveless! Still sporting that purple K-State hat as usual and only taking it off to comb his mullet. He walked down the hallway when he first got here and Justin and I both made a disgusted face at each other. lol Apparently anything goes! EEEW he just walked over and sat down…saying I’ve gotta put my feet up “AHHHhhhhh” I’ll try to get a picture of this blessed man today but he’s leaving soon so I doubt it.

Going to the furniture store tomorrow..another remote… this one is their “Grand Opening Sale” woot woot!

EDIT: GOOD NEWS (well I dunno if its good) Justin got a picture of Micheal the picture doesn’t do justice to the presences but man… here ya go…..


2 EDIT: Micheal left and the new lady Kay is attempting to run the high school football game on-air.  I say attempting because of what just happened.  She had NOTHING on-air for quite some time.  Phones were ringing like crazy!  She was busy messing with the hold button on the phone and didn’t realize everytime she put in the opeinging liner it was going to the bottom of the commercial break because that’s where she had clicked.  I went over and did what I could to fix it.  Anyway back on-air her boss J. came in (druck off his you-know-what) he waves at me throught the window like a little kid.  Then comes in and says “The time I give them is just a little game I like to play” WHAT?!? Then he left, came back and said “You’re lookin’ good!” and left again.  He’s now chatting it up with Kay…good lord what’s next?


One Response to “Howdy Ho Ranger Joes!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Uh oh! J.’s got his eye on you! You lucky girl. At least you have somebody to fall back on if that other thing doesn’t work out.

    I just have to wonder, if any other line of work could possibly have more interesting people on their payroll.

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