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Nothing to do – here’s a crazy random post September 24, 2008

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So I’m at work with next to nothing to do. Meaning I should do things, but I’m not because they’re not immediate. Anyway I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve put on my work webpage. Some things I find funny, cool, and strange….

This first one is a video of the LHC Rap. Have you heard about the Large Hadron Collider? Here’s a rap about it.

Here’s a question… do you need a new best friend??? Well so does Pairs! She’s so desprate for attention and a “new best friend” that she’s created a tv show about it.

Ok well I can’t get the video to show up so if you want to see how lame it is to plede for attention and a new bff visit

And last but not least….. you can find out your career by picking colors! Yes its true….there is an ocupation test baised on colors. I took it my results were fairly accurate.. I guess. If you want to take it…. check it out!


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