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Mondays and my weekend September 29, 2008

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Everyone is always so down on Mondays. Usually I’m in this group as well but for some reason this Monday is different. I’m energized and ready to go for the week. I have no idea why but I’m really excited its Monday. Why can’t we always be this way? I mean think about it….in a way its a fresh start…a brand new week! Last week is over this week is anew!

The weekend is over which is what tends to make people bummed out. They’ve gotta go back to work.

My weekend was pretty good. Satruday I had lunch with Kim…its been a few weeks since we’ve see each other and we live in the same town! That’s proof that life is just crazy busy. I made some brownies in the afternoon and then drove to Topeka to hang out with some friends. Had a good time there drove home Saturday night. Sunday was the interesting day…

As usual went to Salina for church. Went to lunch with Sarah which was great! Did a little shopping..hit sonic for happy hours! Then we were driving down the road (9th in Salina) and this lady starts waving at us. Sarah waved back. lol We didn’t know her. Finally she did the “roll down your window” motion. I did and pulled up next to her. She kindly mentioned that my back tire was going flat. I quickly got to a gas station put air in it and headed to the only tire place I knew was open on Sundays….walmart. BOOOOOO I hate taking my car into walmart but I made an exception. Dropped Tibby (the car) off and walked around the store for 45min or so. Finally the car is done. They found a screw (cut in half lengthwise) in the tire.

—–I’m pretty frusterated with this… this is the 3rd tire that’s had a screw or nail in it in the past 3 months! STUPID ROADS!—–

They patched it and $10 later we were headed out. As I was walking out I fell in the doorway.

One of those falls that you ALMOST catch yourself and at the last second you…well you don’t and you give up and give into gravity. I just sat on the floor of Wal-mart while the employees wondered if I would sue them. I usually don’t get embarrassed very easily. This was the exception…had the 4 employees laughed with my friend and I then it would have been fine, no embarrassment. Since they were so concerned about me suing them they were trying to act all serious and professional so they changed my whole experience. Finally I gathered my pride and walked out to my newly fixed car. Later I decided it was probably time to head home. As I left Salina I realized I hadn’t gotten a call yet so I called him. He had just gotten to Salina…..missed him by just a few min and a few miles. Had a nice chat though.

Good weekend…a little busy…a little stressful…a little embarrassing….but still a great one!


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