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Bad Day October 30, 2008

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Got yelled at twice today.  (2 different people)  I take things so personally that I can hardly handle myself now.  I really have wanted to leave all day.  I just want to go home and sit on my porch and cry.  I hate crying too! I NEVER cry.  What a bad day.  I had to deal with an annoying client today too.  I’m soo ready to go home.  I’m glad I’m going to Salina tonight otherwise the entire day would be shot. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


HAPPY FALL! October 27, 2008

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Carve your own pumpkin!

I’m into the fall spirit all of the sudden!  I don’t know why.  I’m NOT a fan of Halloween by any means.  Could do without the holiday but I love fall activites.  Yesterday some friends and I went to  a Corn Maze in Assaria KS.  It was a blast! A little windy but fun still.  I’d never been in a corn maze that I remember anyway.  There was a pumpkin patch, zipline, hay hilside slide, corn cannon, and gord slingshot.  We also went on a tram ride to see the buffalo.  I only got a little nervous when I was right beside the buffalo.  It was a blast!

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That’s the maze we went through.  It was a lot of fun.  I realized 1/2 way through the maze looking at the map that it was sponsered by the station I used to work for… STRANGE! I strongly encourage you to take part in some fall festivites!!! I had a great time!


Good Morning Ya’ll October 22, 2008

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Howdy….its 4:30am and I apparently have nothing better to do than post. I usually get to work around 5:15 -5:30 but this morning its a different story.

We all know I freak out about storms.  Plus my street loves to flood easily.  I was nervous last night going to bed knowing there would be some storms overnight and early this morning but told myself it’d be fine.  Had a few rumbles in the middle of the night but nothing too bad.  About 2:30 the weather radio went off with a severe t-storm watch.  Just a watch but the radio itself freaks me out…especailly since I was in a deep sleep.  Needless to say after that I was awake. With the threat of stroms and the idea that my street could flood and I not be able to go to work… I got up around 3am.  I quickly got ready and left around 3:30. And yes if you’re wondering I am insane.

Nothing major to report right now.  Coffee is good. So are bananas around 7am. Naps sound really good around 3:30-4pm everyday I must resist. Wow my brain really doesn’t want to function this morning….oh well I guess I’ve got nothing.


Day 2 October 16, 2008

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Well I’m on day 2 of my completely new schedule. TOTALLY lifestyle changing. But so far so good.

1st – TUESDAY- Went to KAB in Wichita. It was great! I really did learn a lot! The first seminar was amazing and chalked full of information. At the luncheon my old boss and GM from Salina joined our table so that was iiiinteresting. Then we had Pat Roberts and Jim Slatery there to do a debate in front of us and broadcast on tv and radio. They almost killed each other right there. I was about to run out the door it ALMOST was violent. The second seminar wasn’t all that helpful. It gave a few good points but mostly background information on a few things. All in all it was a good day.

Started the morning show on Wednesday. Had no problem getting up at 4am (give me a week or so) and getting to work by 5:30. Show went alright. I think I could quickly get used to the flow of things and maybe even position it in a new way.

Today was my 2nd day at it and it was fine. Nothing award winning but not crash and burn either. I am pretty tired today but I’m good none the less. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


Ooops October 10, 2008

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Talk about in your face mistake.

Today I finished all my work and was just killing some time.  I even did some show prep ahead of time.  Sitting here killing about an hour before my show so I decdied to check hulu.  The episode I wanted to see was just posted today!! So what do I do start watching it………(dun dun dun duuuuuu)

The episode was the most recent episode from “the office”.  Its titled Business Ethics… I start watching it and about 5 minutes in I realize their talking about what I’m actually doing.  They talked about steeling company time.  Doing other things while on the clock… hummm I’m “on the clock” and watching the office business ethics episode… it stopped me in my tracks.  That’s so in your face its funny.  I laughed and turned it off.  Don’t get me wrong I’ll still check facebook…and maybe later watch the rest of the show… but for the next few min (after posting this) I’m going to really be cautious of my use of company time! Ooooops.


What what….. October 9, 2008

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That’s right killing another night at work because I’m bored as can be.

First things first…thanks to Matt.. I’m now addicted to Hulu!  Havn’t got a lot of work done the last few nights… kinda spent some quality time on Hulu. Instead of waiting for tv shows to come on on DVD a season later… I can watch them just a few days later! WOOT WOOT!!

Monday night will be my last night of being the Night Girl.  My last night show.  Tuesday I’ll be in Wichita for KAB stuff.  Wednesday will be my first Morning show.  It shall be interesting…but I have a good feeling about it.  Oh no doubt I’ll royally stink at it and will not be so thrilled about getting up at 4am…but I am excited for the new opportunity.

Looking forward to the weekend.  Well Sunday mainly but for many reasons.  1 of them being celebrating Carrie’s birthday!!!!! YAY!!!


Looking up… October 7, 2008

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Things have recently begun to look up.

As previously posted I’ve been given a new job opportunity.  Things are really falling into place with that and quicker than I thought they would.  I’m starting to believe it really is going to happen. This is a strange new territory.

My car (Tibby) is fixed and back in my possession.  My parents were at my door early this morning to exchange back cars.  Tibby has a new radiator and is VERY clean.  Apparently my mom drove it around some and felt “embarrassed” to be seen in it so she cleaned it. GOOD DEAL! I don’t think its been this clean since I bought it.

I am considering getting the internet at home.  Scary I know.  (No Matt still no Guild Wars) I figure when I switch to mornings I’ll have a lot of free afternoon time at home. I use the internet all afternoon here at work now… I’ll prolly want it in the afternoon or evening there.  The only reason not getting it before was that I’d use it at work..which I still will but I’m thinking I’ll want it at home. I dunno… still the beginning stages of that.