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STRESSED! October 1, 2008

Filed under: Random,work — joopen @ 3:29 pm

Welp Tibby died again.  (my car…yes I named my car get over it.) Yesterday she wouldn’t start right away after driving for a while. Later she over heated a million times.  Dad was just an hour away(ish) so he came by we worked on my car a little in the parking lot….found a leak.  Left the car at work over night. Dad spent the night at my house.  We got up this morning, dad drove me back to JC. We took my car across town (hoping it’d get there) and they kept it all morning while dad and I killed time around JC.  Spent some good quality time in City Cycle Sales.  Gotta love Harley.

Finally we go back and they say I need a new radiator. Apparently its corroded.   WHAT!? Seriously my car is 5 years old.  Not to mention I just had a 60,000 mile check up 3 months ago.  You can’t tell me it’d corrode in 3 months.  How did they miss it then?  Anyway we were going to drive the cars to Manhattan and try to get Tibby fixed there but half way there Dad pulled into a rest stop.  He said the car was driving fine (I drove his car…he drove mine) he said he’d drive it on to KC and get it fixed there rather than at the place I hate.  What a great dad!  I have the Hyundai Sonota until mine’s fixed and we switch back.

I’m also in the process of making some decisions at work.  I’m very up in the air about everything right now.  I have no idea.  One min I’m sold one way and then next I’m for the other side. Just gotta pray and think I guess.


One Response to “STRESSED!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Probably doesn’t make you feel any better, but I sure feel better knowing that my car doesn’t break down any more than a newer one!

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