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Looking up… October 7, 2008

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Things have recently begun to look up.

As previously posted I’ve been given a new job opportunity.  Things are really falling into place with that and quicker than I thought they would.  I’m starting to believe it really is going to happen. This is a strange new territory.

My car (Tibby) is fixed and back in my possession.  My parents were at my door early this morning to exchange back cars.  Tibby has a new radiator and is VERY clean.  Apparently my mom drove it around some and felt “embarrassed” to be seen in it so she cleaned it. GOOD DEAL! I don’t think its been this clean since I bought it.

I am considering getting the internet at home.  Scary I know.  (No Matt still no Guild Wars) I figure when I switch to mornings I’ll have a lot of free afternoon time at home. I use the internet all afternoon here at work now… I’ll prolly want it in the afternoon or evening there.  The only reason not getting it before was that I’d use it at work..which I still will but I’m thinking I’ll want it at home. I dunno… still the beginning stages of that.


One Response to “Looking up…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Meh, forget Guild Wars. Even the rest of my guild doesn’t play anymore. ='( I’m all alone. *sniffle*

    I say go for the internet. Cancel your cable TV and get all the TV you need from!

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