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Ooops October 10, 2008

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Talk about in your face mistake.

Today I finished all my work and was just killing some time.  I even did some show prep ahead of time.  Sitting here killing about an hour before my show so I decdied to check hulu.  The episode I wanted to see was just posted today!! So what do I do start watching it………(dun dun dun duuuuuu)

The episode was the most recent episode from “the office”.  Its titled Business Ethics… I start watching it and about 5 minutes in I realize their talking about what I’m actually doing.  They talked about steeling company time.  Doing other things while on the clock… hummm I’m “on the clock” and watching the office business ethics episode… it stopped me in my tracks.  That’s so in your face its funny.  I laughed and turned it off.  Don’t get me wrong I’ll still check facebook…and maybe later watch the rest of the show… but for the next few min (after posting this) I’m going to really be cautious of my use of company time! Ooooops.


One Response to “Ooops”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wait..aren’t you salary? If so, then you’re really only stealing company bandwidth. And even then, they’ll pay the same price whether you watch Hulu or not! As long as all you’re work is done. Watch away!

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