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Good Morning Ya’ll October 22, 2008

Filed under: Random — joopen @ 3:29 am

Howdy….its 4:30am and I apparently have nothing better to do than post. I usually get to work around 5:15 -5:30 but this morning its a different story.

We all know I freak out about storms.  Plus my street loves to flood easily.  I was nervous last night going to bed knowing there would be some storms overnight and early this morning but told myself it’d be fine.  Had a few rumbles in the middle of the night but nothing too bad.  About 2:30 the weather radio went off with a severe t-storm watch.  Just a watch but the radio itself freaks me out…especailly since I was in a deep sleep.  Needless to say after that I was awake. With the threat of stroms and the idea that my street could flood and I not be able to go to work… I got up around 3am.  I quickly got ready and left around 3:30. And yes if you’re wondering I am insane.

Nothing major to report right now.  Coffee is good. So are bananas around 7am. Naps sound really good around 3:30-4pm everyday I must resist. Wow my brain really doesn’t want to function this morning….oh well I guess I’ve got nothing.


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