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Bad Day October 30, 2008

Filed under: Random,work — joopen @ 11:33 am

Got yelled at twice today.  (2 different people)  I take things so personally that I can hardly handle myself now.  I really have wanted to leave all day.  I just want to go home and sit on my porch and cry.  I hate crying too! I NEVER cry.  What a bad day.  I had to deal with an annoying client today too.  I’m soo ready to go home.  I’m glad I’m going to Salina tonight otherwise the entire day would be shot. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


One Response to “Bad Day”

  1. Matt Says:

    One of these days you should yell back. They’ll probably be so confused, they’ll just freeze. Blink a couple times. Then walk out of the room wondering where Jenn is.

    Cheery up. They’re losers anyway.

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