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HTML Headache To My Little brain November 4, 2008

Filed under: work — joopen @ 2:28 pm

Ok so the title doesn’t really make sense. My brain is exhausted.  The show was mediocre at best today.  Yesterday it was kind of blah as well.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.  Meeting day today.  It was fine nothing major….except the idea of me just waving a magical wand to create things! Second meeting after the first, more headache and magic wand scheduled for me.  I like my job I really do and I’m really learning a lot by doing the website.  However, I’m STILL LEARNING  I’ve not been trained in this or anything.  I’m learning as I go basically.  But sometimes its assumed that I can just create whatever needed or wanted and within seconds.  I got most of the stuff done today that was asked but I’ve got quite a bit to work on still.  More logos to create, more pages to create….and a little dare I say H-T-M-L. 

So I’ve been getting the hang of simple HTML code and can manage our website pretty well and am doing new stuff all the time… however I’m no where near a HTMLer.  SO if anyone is great at HTML or are an original HTMLer I could use your assistance.  I’m ALMOST there…I’ve almost got figured out what I’m trying to do but I want to tweek 1 small part of it.  I’ve read so many help pages and html codes and tested multiple ones today that I’ve got a headache and feel like I’ve gone insane.  I’m giving it a rest and hopefully going to pick it up in a few hours and have it all figured out. riiiiiiiiight

Meanwhile I think I’ll surf the internet in the comfort of my own home. ahhhhhhh luxury.


One Response to “HTML Headache To My Little brain”

  1. Matt Says:

    Well you have my assistance with no guarantee it is worth anything! Although I did have that pretty sweet Helen Hunt back in the day! 😉 Shoot me an e-mail with your problem if ya want. If I can’t figure it out I know a guy that probably could.

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