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Tuesday November 4th November 5, 2008

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Tuesday was a big day all over the nation a historical day, an emtional day even for some… Tuesday was all those but for a different reason.  I got a call Tuesday evening telling me that my grandpa died.  Since then everything has come to a hault.  (Matt…I might take you up on your offer for html help but I’m putting a hold on it until next week.) 

I went to work today because right now there’s nothing I can do to help.  The funeral will be in Greensburg on Friday.  I think I’m going to head out there Thursday afternoon after work and stay with my friend Teresa in Kinsely.  I just am kinda in shock and unsure of what to do.  It was really hard hearing my dad cry and talking to him about it last night.  I was doing ok with it until about 5am today.  On my way to work I put on some peaceful music on my mp3 player and just lost it all the way to work. I am really glad I went to Council Grove Saturday and got to visit with him…..he was doing so well though!  He stood up 3 times and one time took his hands off the lift machine and said “look ma no hands! I’m standing and No  hands!”  This just seems like a shock.  He was so happy to see me and the folks.  We didn’t expect this at all.  Its just really hard.  I’m sure the next few months will be rough too with the Holidays and everything.  

I’m going to try to make it to Sarah’s birthday party in Salina on Saturday (Sarah I really really will try! I hope I can at least stop by for a bit!) but have no clue what’s going on really.  With family and what not. It just seems like my whole world has changed right now.


One Response to “Tuesday November 4th”

  1. Matt Says:

    So sorry, Jenn. You have my prayers and sympathies.

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