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I’m Lovin’ It November 24, 2008

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Howdy Ya’ll 

Nothing major to blog about just a general “What’s Up” post.  

Thursday Robert was gone from the morning show…he had to go help a friend (B.K.) in Iowa move out because he was being evicted. Kinda ironic in many ways 1.)because of who B.K. is and 2.)who would ask Robert to help them move?  I ran the show and Rodney sat in the corner and put in his negative 2 cents. It was pretty good though.  Not award winning by any means but not horrible.  My dad chopped his finger Wednesday.  Apparently you don’t want to stick your finger into a running leaf blower with the blades exposed.  Who knew?  Crazy kid….went home this weekend and hung with him and mom. Had a good time…cooking, shopping, playing computer games, eating with the neighbors, playing with the dog, giving the dog a bath, and other general merriment. 

Felt pretty smart today had a big website problem and thought I was at my wits end…however my wits went farther than I had expected!  I celebrated with a Frosty and Fries lunch! 

Plan on going to El Dorado for Thanksgiving with the Poolers.  Might go to Council Grove on Wednesday after work to help go through the rest of gpa’s stuff before heading to El Dorado…otherwise I’ll head out Thursday morning.


One Response to “I’m Lovin’ It”

  1. Matt Says:

    I would pay $20 to watch RE help somebody move. I’d pay $100 to see it if he was helping ole BK! Of course I’d probably get roped into doing it myself if they say me there.

    We’re supposed to be getting a website at my work one of these days… When that happens, I challenge you to a good old fashioned “Weboff”. You’ve got yours lookin’ pretty good though. I’d have my work cut out for me.

    Oh and tell your dad not to feel too dumb. I ran my foot with a lawn mower when I was younger. A RIDING lawn mower no less.

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