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Happy Soggy Saturday November 29, 2008

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So I took a nap yesterday afternoon (like I’ve semi-grown accustom to) and then went to bed early last night (because I’m lame and old) and woke up early this morning.  I decided since I couldn’t make myself sleep anymore I’d turn on the TV. I watched the Saturday morning news on WIBW out of Topeka.  Love WIBW big fan! Now I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes…and I’m really not saying I haven’t made a mistake on-air…however this one really made me laugh! They have a fairly new weather chic named Amy on WIBW.  She’s from Minnesota…if I recall correctly..and she’s great. Now granted she’s new to the area unfamiliar with Kansas and all, but she made a BIG oops today.  I kinda feel bad for her.  She was talking about the weekend weather…doing a fine job of it… and then starting talking about weather that would impact sporting events in the area.  She points to Lawrence on her map and says something along the lines of “If you’re headed to Lawrence today to Snyder Family Stadium to see the Jayhawks take on Missouri it’ll be a soggy day and you want to wear layers….” Ok she continued on just fine but lets look back shall we.  

1.) KU’s stadium is not “Snyder Fmaily Stadium” that’s KSU BIIIIIIGGG difference.

2.) Snyder Family Staidum is not in Lawrence.

3.) KU isn’t even playing in Lawrence today.. they’ll be playing at Arrowhead Stadium for the border showdown. 

Like I said, its not as if I haven’t ever made a mistake…but I just found this hilarious and felt so bad for her at the same time.  I think she’s great but this was a major slip up (to me.) 

I’m sure I’ll make lots of mistakes as I go about my own work today.  Doing the Furniture store again today…woot woot!


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