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Let it snow, let it snow…wait no more snow! December 16, 2008

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Well I think we’ve been really lucky so far this year but today it finally hit.  Our first measurable snow fall.  I think, based on tv weather, internet radars, and my experience, that Abilene got about 4 inches.  when you think 4 inches it seems minimal.  When you shovel 4 inches it seems tiresome!  

I do feel very responsible though!!  I got up at 3:30 rather than 4 this morning.  Prayed there wouldn’t be snow….looked out the window.. and sighed because there was.  I shoveled the snow this morning (about an inch or so) and slowly crawled my way to work.  I-70 had not been touched yet and it was still snowing pretty heavy.  But once at work and inside I was in the best mood ever!  Why?  Who knows…but I was.  Robert was in a great mood today too which really made the show click today.  Lots of people have called me to say it was good this morning.  Good to hear!

Spent the day getting lots of work done and then a good hour helping our Engineer try to fix a studio.  Seems like the day went by so fast and I was busy the whole time but still didn’t get everything done.  Oh well.  Came home around 2:30 and shoveled the drive once again (this time about 3 inches or so).  Yeah it stinks to shovel but I do get a good feeling from it…. not sure why.  I don’t like it by any means but I do feel good, and am in a pretty decent mood.


One Response to “Let it snow, let it snow…wait no more snow!”

  1. Matt Says:

    “It’s just snow” right? He he.

    Sounds like you made a good day out of what could have been a lot worse!

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