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Here’s to Hoping! December 22, 2008

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This last weekend was somewhat eventful. Finally got over my cold last week like Wednesdayish then woke up Saturday with an ear ache. Being an experienced Ear Infection girl (very very experienced) I knew I needed medication right away.  Drove to Salina to the walk-in clinic because it was Saturday.  Yup TWO ear infections….yay one for each ear…just what I wanted for Christmas!  So I’m on antibiotics which the Pharmacist told me may cause babies.  I figure its a lot like other side effects really. 


She didn’t say it in those words and I MAY be exaggerating a little tiny bit…. she said it can counteract birth control.  I wanted to explain to her that in order for that to be an issue there’s got to be a man involved and well……yeah we won’t go there.  It could lead to my whole dicussion on “I believe in marriage before babies, but I don’t believe in marriage, so do I believe in babies??????”  I just told her that wouldn’t be a problem and she said “well we like to warn everyone because ….ha.. that wouldn’t be a great Christmas surprise!”  I chuckled glanced at her and said “neither are two ear infections.”  Anyway long story short my medication may cause babies.  A friend likes to say “spontaneous reproduction” (lol still funny Sarah!) I just say “Its ok, I’m on medication that may cause babies….here’s to hoping!”  

I spent most of the day Saturday in Salina after the doctor.  Then Saturday night I went to Kites in Manhattan for the company Christmas party.  Oh the drunken spouses, stimulating small talk, incorrectly-printed – fabulous station shirts, Texas Hold-em and Blackjack, and oh-so-entertaining Karaoke.  The real downfall of the night was the anticipation of a certain someone to serenade us.  We did get 1 quick version of Burnin’ Ring of Fire but the Karaoke sadly had no Elvis. Matt if you’re reading this….I snatched this picture from the rest just for you….

maandshortyOh and the shirt he’s wearing says Elves gone wild…Christmas Break. He made it a point to show me. huh huh huh. And he hugged me when I left.. oh what a great party. Too bad I couldn’t fully enjoy it on account of the double ear infections and antibiotics and all. Or maybe that’s what kept me sane. 

I’m off to take more meds….which may cause babies….here’s to hoping!!


One Response to “Here’s to Hoping!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Ha ha. Great story Jenn. I’m having fun thinking of all the explaining you’d be doing if you ended up with one of these side effect babies. I know I’D be perpetuating the rumor that M.A. was the baby daddy. No offense or anything, I mean you really are a great person. But I don’t think you’ve moved into the virgin birth tier. 😉

    Thanks for the picture. It’s nice to know some things never change. I do miss the company Christmas parties. Or at least the ones that had open bar for more than an hour. It’s not a PB Christmas Party if nobody is doubled over before 11:00.

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