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Happiness is like Sunshine January 29, 2009

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I have no idea why but I’m in a great mood today.  Ok so I may know some of the resasons.  But honestly woke up just chipper as could be today.  It is Thursday which means I’m going to Salina this evening which always excites me.  I’m getting the oil changed in my car today which is WAY over due so that’s exciting.  And this morning we found out that ratings are out and we’re #1 in our market for the second time in a row!  That’s pretty exciting as well!

I’m in such a good mood today I even caught myself singing the Martina Sales and Rental jingle along with Swap Shop! I got to thinking… while enjoying me some swap shop….. I wonder if it was stronger before Ebay?  Another that crossed my mind was if anyone had ever threatened their children with Swap Shop.  There are a few ways to do this.  1.) Forced listening or 2.) Sell your favorite toys on Swap Shop.   You hit your sister one more time Billy and I swear I’ll sell your Tonka trucks on Swap Shop… I’ll call Jerry right now if I have to!


Sickdays Woot Woot January 26, 2009

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So I woke up early this morning I mean like 3am feeling not so great.  Ok feeling pretty crappy.  I though eh I’ll pop some tums and go to sleep for the hour left before my alarm goes off and I’ll be fine.  About 3:30 I woke back up running to the bathroom… oh yeah! Can we say sick?  Yeah after 1 hour 1/2 of trying to stop vomiting… I decided I’d probably take a sick day today.  I could have made it to work.  However I still feel a little ill and its 11am.  I though who knows if I’m done “being sick” or if I’ll get sick at work or get someone else sick.  I’ll sleep away the morning and then work on the website this afternoon from my fabulous bed on my laptop with cords strung across my house.

I’m enjoying some multi-grain Cheerios and some grape juice both in very small portions. While responding to work emails and surfing the web. I see a DVD viewing in my very near future.  Lets hope the days not ruined by more of that vomiting crap! Uh-oh Spaghetti-O.  Here’s to mondays! Hope everyone else is having a great start the your week!


A Little More Like Home January 21, 2009

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Today my Washer and Dryer were delievered. My folks came by so someone would be at my house to get the delievery.  They (my folks) were also on their way to KC from Hutch anyway.  While my parents were around they helped out a little and my place looks and feels a little more like home.  It always has felt like home I really like it here but this just makes it a little nicer.  Its MY home.

Here’s my new washer & dryer …..


Here are a few things I got for Christmas that I finally put pictures in and hung them up today (with a little help)…

dsc00384 dsc003832


And we put up this shelf today…. I think it looks nice.


Anyway all this stuff makes it look and feel more like its MY home.  Plus the advantage of doing laundry any time I want….ahhh the joys!  ok I’m lame.


Advantage? January 20, 2009

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Today at work a few of us had to go to the Sales Advantage marketing presentation.  Of course knowing it was the company I work for I wasn’t expecting anything to surprising or any new information I didn’t already know.  I was however a little impressed by it though.  No the graphics of the presentation weren’t fantastic or anything and the audio that was played was low par….mainly because of the speakers used….but over all it was much better than I would imagine.  I liked a lot of what the presenter had to say and the way he approached it all.  I must say it came as no surprise that we’ve got voice work for our two FM stations explaining them and all the information…and when it came to the AM our program director doing the voice work….. not a great move.

Other than the low quality audio as a result of low quality speakers, and the sub-par graphics it was a fairly well done presentation!


I have a dream….. January 19, 2009

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Had one fine fantastic weekend.  Saturday I got up early and drove to Wichita to pick up Jamie and we headed to Kinsley.  Hung out all weekend in Kinsley with Teresa, Burke, Lisa, and Jamie.  We played Wii and shared lots of food and laughter. Sunday afternoon Jamie and I left Kinsley and made a pit stop in Hutch.  While there looking for a place to eat I remembered my folks were visiting my grandparents in Hutch.  We stopped by to say hi and ended up going to dinner before I took Jamie back to Wichita and then hit the road back to Abilene.  Goodtimes.

I must say I’m very impressed with Nintendo Wii.  I’ve never been into video games of any sort but this hits a whole new level.  It was exciting and very interactive.  I was shocked how much better I did when I ‘followed through’ on my swing playing baseball or even bowling.  We played Wii sports and a few other games they had.  If I had the extra money laying around I think I would totally spring for one!  You’re really active when you play and its still a lot of fun.  I was worried that the graphics wouldn’t be very good but they were a lot better than predicted.  Like I said….impressed!

I should be doing the dishes or cleaning.  My folks are coming Wednesday because I’m getting my washer and dryer delivered (and they’ll be driving through Abilene anyway) between 8-10am.  I’ll be at work but you bet your sweet bippy that when I get home I’m doing laundry in my house!!!!!  Today’s MLKJ day and I feel like I should do something to commemorate the day. Not sure what though.  Tomorrow we get a new President.  I’m a little tired of hearing about it but I do realize the significance and the history that is being made here.


Where do we go from here? January 13, 2009

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The title is just a thought I’ve had recently.

On other notes:

I’m pretty bummed that my Thursday just changed.  Won’t be going to Salina at all this week or weekend. Bummer.  Kinda depressing.

Sometime this weekend I’m headed to Kinsley to celebrate with some friends who recently got engaged and just spend some good quality friend time.  Jamie and I are driving together so that should be fun.  It’ll give the two of us some time together too!

Things at work are fine.  Some crazy times recently with some of our software and issues correcting them but other than that fairly smoothly.  The morning show’s going alright.  About once a week I think we have a great show.  That bothers me.  Its not that the other days are bad just not great.  I need to work on improving that.  But I’m still happy to be doing mornings.

Loving my new computer.  Today I did something a little crazy.  I don’t have a wireless network set up yet so I only have 1 internet connection at my house.  Why do I need more?  So I can be on my labtop in any room of my house or my desktop in the 2nd bedroom.  I took my ethernet cord (from college) which is like 15 feet and I layed it out across the back bedroom and into the living room.  I think it’ll reach into my bedroom too!  It seems a little funny but its nice to be able to move around.  I love it.


A Girl Loves To Shop! January 10, 2009

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Well I took a weekend trip to KC.  Technically its still the weekend, and technically I’m still in KC.  So that sententence was pointless.

The point…the reason for the KC trip. Yes 1.)to see the folks but 2.) to shop!!

I’ve been searching around and done quite a bit of research (pricing and reviews) lately.  Today I made a few large purchases.  For Christmas my parents said that would help me out with a Washer (its also for my Birthday).  So today I bought a Whirlpool Washer and a Whirlpool Dryer (they’re helping me out with the Washer.)  It’ll be delievered… with FREE delivery to my house on Wednesday January 21st!! NO MORE QUARTERS!!!!!!! woot woot!!

My second big purchase…. a labtop computer.  I’m using it right now.  My first blog post on my new computer woot woot!!! I got a Toshiba Satellite with 4GB Ram and 320 GB Hard Drive Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400 Centrino with a 16″ widescreen.  Its pretty sweet. I realized today, something I realize everytime I make purchases I’ve hoped for…. I love to shop.  Now my favorite thing to shop for is shoes…however, I’ll shop for almost anything.  My least favorite – groceries.  But I do love the feeling of the purchase of something you’ve really wanted for a long time and have put quite a bit of time into finding the best.

It possibly could be the feeling of accomplishment that makes the shopping so fulfilling.