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A Girl Loves To Shop! January 10, 2009

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Well I took a weekend trip to KC.  Technically its still the weekend, and technically I’m still in KC.  So that sententence was pointless.

The point…the reason for the KC trip. Yes 1.)to see the folks but 2.) to shop!!

I’ve been searching around and done quite a bit of research (pricing and reviews) lately.  Today I made a few large purchases.  For Christmas my parents said that would help me out with a Washer (its also for my Birthday).  So today I bought a Whirlpool Washer and a Whirlpool Dryer (they’re helping me out with the Washer.)  It’ll be delievered… with FREE delivery to my house on Wednesday January 21st!! NO MORE QUARTERS!!!!!!! woot woot!!

My second big purchase…. a labtop computer.  I’m using it right now.  My first blog post on my new computer woot woot!!! I got a Toshiba Satellite with 4GB Ram and 320 GB Hard Drive Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400 Centrino with a 16″ widescreen.  Its pretty sweet. I realized today, something I realize everytime I make purchases I’ve hoped for…. I love to shop.  Now my favorite thing to shop for is shoes…however, I’ll shop for almost anything.  My least favorite – groceries.  But I do love the feeling of the purchase of something you’ve really wanted for a long time and have put quite a bit of time into finding the best.

It possibly could be the feeling of accomplishment that makes the shopping so fulfilling.


One Response to “A Girl Loves To Shop!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Sounds like a good start to 2009. Enjoy that washer and dryer. I’m still waiting for a laundry folding machine!

    Sounds like a blazing laptop you got there. I approve!

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