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Where do we go from here? January 13, 2009

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The title is just a thought I’ve had recently.

On other notes:

I’m pretty bummed that my Thursday just changed.  Won’t be going to Salina at all this week or weekend. Bummer.  Kinda depressing.

Sometime this weekend I’m headed to Kinsley to celebrate with some friends who recently got engaged and just spend some good quality friend time.  Jamie and I are driving together so that should be fun.  It’ll give the two of us some time together too!

Things at work are fine.  Some crazy times recently with some of our software and issues correcting them but other than that fairly smoothly.  The morning show’s going alright.  About once a week I think we have a great show.  That bothers me.  Its not that the other days are bad just not great.  I need to work on improving that.  But I’m still happy to be doing mornings.

Loving my new computer.  Today I did something a little crazy.  I don’t have a wireless network set up yet so I only have 1 internet connection at my house.  Why do I need more?  So I can be on my labtop in any room of my house or my desktop in the 2nd bedroom.  I took my ethernet cord (from college) which is like 15 feet and I layed it out across the back bedroom and into the living room.  I think it’ll reach into my bedroom too!  It seems a little funny but its nice to be able to move around.  I love it.


One Response to “Where do we go from here?”

  1. Matt Says:

    When you start stringing network cables across your place… you’re officially a GEEK!

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