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I have a dream….. January 19, 2009

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Had one fine fantastic weekend.  Saturday I got up early and drove to Wichita to pick up Jamie and we headed to Kinsley.  Hung out all weekend in Kinsley with Teresa, Burke, Lisa, and Jamie.  We played Wii and shared lots of food and laughter. Sunday afternoon Jamie and I left Kinsley and made a pit stop in Hutch.  While there looking for a place to eat I remembered my folks were visiting my grandparents in Hutch.  We stopped by to say hi and ended up going to dinner before I took Jamie back to Wichita and then hit the road back to Abilene.  Goodtimes.

I must say I’m very impressed with Nintendo Wii.  I’ve never been into video games of any sort but this hits a whole new level.  It was exciting and very interactive.  I was shocked how much better I did when I ‘followed through’ on my swing playing baseball or even bowling.  We played Wii sports and a few other games they had.  If I had the extra money laying around I think I would totally spring for one!  You’re really active when you play and its still a lot of fun.  I was worried that the graphics wouldn’t be very good but they were a lot better than predicted.  Like I said….impressed!

I should be doing the dishes or cleaning.  My folks are coming Wednesday because I’m getting my washer and dryer delivered (and they’ll be driving through Abilene anyway) between 8-10am.  I’ll be at work but you bet your sweet bippy that when I get home I’m doing laundry in my house!!!!!  Today’s MLKJ day and I feel like I should do something to commemorate the day. Not sure what though.  Tomorrow we get a new President.  I’m a little tired of hearing about it but I do realize the significance and the history that is being made here.


One Response to “I have a dream…..”

  1. Matt Says:

    C’mon, Jenn. Which is more important? Having your own laundry facilities…or a Wii!? See just goes to show ya. Don’t write off any of those “ridiculous video games” until you’ve given it a shot. Oh you know what’s cheaper than a Wii? *coughguildwarscough*


    Interesting that your last few posts have been exposing a bit more of your “geeky” side. Kinda risky don’t ya think? Stringing network cable across the floor, buying a new PC, wishing for a Wii… The way I see it, you have only two choices. Embrace it. Or save yourself by quickly returning that PC for a macbook and get yourself a VW Jetta. It’s the only way.

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